Thank you for stopping by today.  We invite you to take the time to read about our family, our ministry, and our testimony. You can see upcoming calendar dates and find devotional messages on our Text Messages page.  If we can answer questions, pray for your needs, or be a service to your church, revival or youth meeting please visit the contact page.  That is where you can also reach out to us via social media.  Join us every Monday at 8:30am at for the “Riches From the Pages radio broadcast.”  We ask that you join us in prayer for the effectiveness of our desired full proof ministry.  God bless you.


Preaching, Teaching, Reaching

One thought on “Home Page

  1. Hi folks,
    My wife and I so enjoyed your ministry at Midway Baptist in Jamestown. It was our 1st time meeting all of you but it will not be our last. This was the boost I needed. I have been a choir director and song leader for about 38+ years. Almost 25 years at my current church, Reidsville Baptist Church. My son-in-law runs WCLW Christian radio station there. God bless all of you as you travel and serve.


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