Riches From The Pages podcast

Ladies and Gentlemen. With time on my hands, I have been able to put together something that I have wanted to create for a while. The Riches From The Pages podcast is now officially up and running. For the duration of this quarantine we will release one podcast per day. We need your feedback to know if you want a daily or weekly podcast. The RFP podcast is also available on the platforms listed below. Please share, follow, and let us know what you think.…

A Biblical devotional thought from Evangelist Adam Borden


It’s almost Preaching Time! Wednesdays are WELP broadcast days for the Riches From the Pages radio broadcast. TAKE NOTE. Both of our radio partners have Apps that you can install so you don’t have to go through the websites. Pray for the radio ministry.



Hey! We have updated our Website

We want to invite you to see how we have freshened up  Our menu items highlight the various aspects of what we do from our travel in evangelism, the Riches From the Pages radio ministry, Basstime Online and Straight A Productions.  We wanted to make all of this information available in one location.  We do have social media links for BTO and SAP but the 411 for these companies is right here on the website.  Take a moment and peruse the pages.

Riches From The Pages

We added a new weekly broadcast in February with WELP in Greenville, SC.  Create a reminder in your calendar so you don’t miss a broadcast of RFP.  If you do miss a broadcast you can go to the RFP tab and scroll down to find past messages.  Please pray for the expansion of RFP so that the gospel will continue to be broadcast far and wide.

Basstime Online

We have an increasing number of churches who are sponsoring a package of lessons for their church bass players with great success.  If you would like to find out more just drop us a message in the comments.

Straight A Productions

Over the past 15 years since leaving the road full time, we have worked in various music productions from songwriter demos, custom and church choir recordings.  With the advent of ever improving music production tools we have expanded our capabilities and upgraded our equipment to offer recording editing and vocal tuning.  Check out the Straight A Productions menu tab and drop us a line if you have questions.