cropped-img_20160703_081539712.jpgMay 7, 1972:  Born to Lloyd & Debra Borden

July 1978:  Under the preaching of Frank Sharp on a Friday night of Revival meeting at Noah Baptist Church near Centre, Alabama I fell under conviction of the Holy Ghost.  I walked the isle, bowed my knees, bowed my heart and asked Jesus Christ to save my soul. Romans 10:13

December 1994:  The Holy Ghost began calling me to preach the Gospel.  I pushed back in preference of a career playing bass guitar in Southern Gospel music.  Romans 11:29

November 9, 2008:  Under the preaching of Roger Henson and Pastor Tony Hutson of Middle Tennessee Baptist Church during the Jesus First meeting I surrendered to preach under severe conviction of the Holy Ghost.  II Timothy 4:1-2

March 12, 2016:  Under pastor Mark Stroud at Wahoo Baptist Church on a Sunday morning I answered the call to evangelism under the directed conviction of the Holy Ghost.  Mark 1:38

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