Radio Ministry News!

Good morning friends. As you may have seen on recent announcements, the Riches From The Pages radio broadcast has  been added to WNEA am1300 in Newnan, GA and online at every Tuesday at 12:30pm.  THAT STARTS TODAY!!  GLORY!  I won’t take the space to tell you the whole story but suffice it to say, the Lord has enabled us to expand our radio preaching ministry to this new station. The word of God will be preached and the gospel that leads to salvation will be proclaimed.  In full transparency, our Monday broadcasts on WECO in Wartburg TN ( are fully funded currently. However, our program on / WNEA is only funded for the next 4 weeks. I have asked and I ask again today that you would pray about financially supporting this broadcast. $100 gets 1 month on 1 station.  We believe the Lord will provide. Also, if you would like to hear the broadcast on a station near you please let us know.  We are so very excited about this. The broadcast will go into places we haven’t been yet and reach people we haven’t met face to face. Please pray and plan to listen if you are able on We love Y’all. Long Live Old Time Religion!

My God, Mine

Our hope and prayer is that a time has come to pass this week where you realized that you are not a possession of this world, you do not belong to the devil, but you are Gods.  He is Your God!  I love that old song that goes… Now I know that He is mine, and I’m His forever.  He is leading me along life’s way.  He’ll be holding to my hand when I cross death’s river.  He will take the sting of death away.  I wanna talk about that…

In Ezra 8 the Babylonian king Artaxerxes was giving proclamation unto the priest and scribe, Ezra.  Ezra was the descendent of Aaron but that didn’t matter to that old king.  Artaxerxes did not allow Ezra and all the Hebrews who were minded of their own free will to go up to Jerusalem (v13) because Ezra’s pedigree.  It was because of the God of Ezra.  That king feared Ezra’s God but he did not submit his full faith unto Him.  How do you know, preacher?  In several verses in your King James Bible, 8 times from verse 14 through 26, that king referred to Ezra’s God as “thy God” or “your God”.  He did not say, Our God  or My God. The God of Heaven, the Almighty, Everlasting Father, may not have been the God of the powerful Artaxerxes but that king knew that Jehovah God was the God that Ezra served.

Let us ask ourselves this simple sobering question; Does the world around us know that Jesus is our Lord?  Can they tell by our testimony that the God of heaven is our God.

There have been times in my life, and probably yours, when a lost person comes around with an uncomfortable request.  They might say, “Would you do me a favor?  My mother is sick.  Would you please pray for her?”  Surely that dear lost soul, in a point of desperation, would swallow much pride to ask someone else to pray for their situation, only because they have noticed at some time in some way that the other person knows God as their own.

My sobering realization is that God only knows how many people have come close by my way in my life and had no knowledge that Jesus was My Lord.

I am restrained from much commentary on this thought.  The Holy Ghost might just need conversation with our spirit concerning the question… Does the world know who Our God is.

God Bless You,


Be sure to tune in this week to the Riches From The Pages radio broadcast on WECO Wartburg, TN 940AM and 95.5FM and online at Monday mornings at 8:30am eastern.  JUST ANNOUNCED!  Listen in on Tuesdays at 12:30pm eastern to WNEA 1300AM in Newnan, GA and online at  Pray for the financial support of our radio ministry.  $100 pays for 1 month on 1 station.

Children of the Captivity

Our hope and prayer is that today you are walking in the liberty of the will of God.  There is truly freedom where some on the outside looking in may perceive handcuffs and a set of repressing rules.  In reality there is tremendous freedom for those who have been set free from sin.  My heart breaks today for the children who are growing up not knowing about the Lord Jesus Christ and the blessing of living for Him.  Let’s talk about that…

This week my heart broke for three sets of children that I witnessed.  There were news reports from just south of Nashville which showed junior high students tearing down an American flag from the school flagpole during a walkout and ripping it to shreds.  Sin is bound up in the heart of a child (Proverbs 22:15).  Those children have no conception of the cost that has been paid for that flag to fly.  There is no appreciation, no thankfulness (II Timothy 3) for the freedom they enjoy.  The sad truth is that the scene around that pole was not of hands joined in prayer but of the fruit of the flesh under the captivity of sin.  My heart was heavy and broken.

We have new next door neighbors in our community who have been slowly moving in items this week.  My wife had warned me that she thought they were going to be loud.  I tried to assure her that it must have been some sort of renovation activity.  Oh no, she was correct once again.  As I was moving some things in and out of the car one afternoon, the mom and two toddlers were bringing in belongings.  The motivational soundtrack of their move was AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” and Black Sabbath.  Wonderful.  The moment that moved me from dread of hearing their hateful banter to despair is when I heard the 4 year old climbing into their car singing the words to those demonic songs.  Sadly, those children are in the captivity of a wicked home life. My heart was heavy and broken.

Lastly, this week a friend of mine whom I work side-by-side with every day suffered the loss of his 7 year old son.  He was the victim of a freak accident 5 years ago at a day care that left him with a horrific brain injury.  My friend’s wife quit her job at that time to become her son’s constant care giver.  That precious little boy was a captive in a body that did not work and a brain that could not process to the potential that other children possess.  His life was hospital stays, doctor appointments and a future with only the joy of an occasional crooked little sweet smile.  The other reality is that his parents were in a religious sect some call a cult who has beliefs about Jesus and heaven that differ from the truth of scripture.  He passed away on Thursday afternoon due to breathing complications.  That precious innocent child is no longer captive to anything.  He has a glorified body and a mind like Christ.  My heart is heavy and broken for his family.

All those children were captives to a life that they did not choose.  They have no conception of how a life in a godly upbringing would guide their actions or how a nurturing parent would set their course of life as a person or how a healthy body and mind would feel.  It has been said that the next generation will be won by who invest in them the most.  Those children need Jesus as much as their parents do.  Ask any church bus kid that has been saved from sin and what they want is for their folks to get saved.  Why?  Because that saved church bus kid knows what it is like to go from being a captive to free.  Even though their environment might not change and their surroundings remain the same, the joy and peace in their heart will have made a difference.

Pray today for the children of the captivity (Ezra 6:19).  Those who are captive to a home that does not get up and go to church on Sunday and where no blessing is ever said over a meal.  Their reality is a foul mouthed parent and a diet of the vile ‘entertainment’ and education that fills their mind.  They are prisoners unaware who need a savior who is always there.  You and I know the only way that they are going to be rescued is by us.  So, pray for them but don’t leave that prayer without a plea for opportunity.  Then, don’t let that opportunity be missed by a lack of compassion and courage.  God help us point the children of the captivity, their parents, and the world to the cross of Calvary where every captive is set free.

God Bless you,


Don’t forget to tune in to on Monday morning at 8:30am to hear part 2 of our message from Genesis, “It’s Time To Clean Out The Well”.  Pray for the financial support of the Riches From The Pages radio ministry.  $100 will pay for 1 month on a radio station.

Spring Forward

Our hope and prayer is that you have set your clock forward to make it to church on time.  By the surety of progress, times change and by government mandate the time changes in most of the country twice a year.  Time, it is said, waits for no man.  The only defense is to be prepared when it is time to do what must be done no matter what changes.  Let’s talk about that…

“And the elders  of the Jews builded, and they prospered through the prophesying of Haggai the prophet and Zechariah the son of Iddo.  And they builded, and finished it, according to the commandment of the God of Israel…” Ezra 6:22

There was a time when things were going well.  Everything seemed to be clicking along with nothing but favor and fortune to match a bright future.  Then, one day something happened.  Someone said something.  Someone did something.  Then everything stopped right where it was and stopped moving.  One accusation from an adversary, one attack from someone who approached as a friend but then flanked like the enemy they turned out to be, and everything that was going so well stopped going at all.  Sound familiar?  I don’t know anyone besides myself that I’m preaching to today but I believe the Lord has a word for us in His Word.

The Israelite remnant found themselves under progressive attack from the Samaritan adversaries that reached all the way to the throne rooms of Assyria and Babylon.  By force and power (Ezra 4:23) the work on re-building the Temple was stopped.  Fourteen years went by and nothing had happened.  [SIDE-NOTE:  “14” is the biblical number of deliverance or salvation.  14 generations from Abraham to David.  14 generations from David to the carrying away unto Babylon, then, 14 generations to Christ.  “Biblical Mathematics” by the late Evangelist Dr. Ed. F. Vallowe].  By the means of preaching from two leather lunged, railroad-tie-backboned, original manuscript preachers named Haggai and Zechariah, Zerubbabel, all the prophets and all the people stopped listening to what the adversaries said was over and started listening to God say It Is Time To Finish What I Told You To Start!

Their deliverance came when they stopped taking orders from the adversary and obeyed the instructions of their Master.  In Haggai 1:2 the prophet said This people say, The time is not yet come, the time that the Lord’s house should be built.  They were operating in fear.  YOU CANNOT FEAR YOUR WAY THROUGH LIFE AND EXPECT TO ENJOY WHAT GOD COULD BE DOING TO YOU, THROUGH YOU, AND FOR YOU!!  (Preacher voice).  It is time for us to stop listening to what cannot be done, why it cannot be done, and who cannot do it and Spring Forward toward an hour that we can finish what God has started in us.  It is time to finish that book!  It is time to go to the mission field! It is time to build that church house!  It is time to witness to your lost family, friends and neighbors!  It is time to Spring Forward!

In Proverbs 22 the do nothing, procrastinating, paralyzed in fear, excuse making child of God says The lion is outside the door!  The worst case scenario rarely happens and usually it does not happen to you or me.  Can the farmer stop because it might rain?  Do  athletes stop training because they might get sore?  Does the dairy farmer sleep in because milking cows is hard?  Does the passionate teacher stop because kids now-a-days…

What is hindering you and me from Springing Forward into what we are supposed to do for the Lord?  Who are we taking orders from.  Did God say stop?  If not, Spring Forward!  It is time.

We Love You,


Be sure to tune in to at 8:30am eastern time Monday mornings for the Riches From The Pages radio broadcast.  Pray that the Lord will continue to expand this ministry through financial support.


The Devil is Not the Boss of Me!

Our hope and prayer is that the Lord has given you the strength and spiritual stamina to withstand the attacks of the enemy.  Last week we talked about the adversaries the remnant Israelites encountered while laboring to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem.  God had placed some preachers on the front lines who delivered a message to the discouraged workers.  Let’s talk about that…

Until I entered into this intensive study of Ezra and Nehemiah at the beginning of 2018 I did not realize how intertwined these two books are to numerous books throughout the Old Testament.  One book in the ‘minor prophets’ has a visionary message for the remnant in their time of attack.  If I could wind up the message of Zechariah without bringing expository teaching of the whole book, the message would be, Remember the Past, Realize the Now, and Rise to your Tomorrow!  One verse, in my view, gives the promissory note to the expected end of the remnant.

Zerubbabel was a priest at that time who led the remnant from Babylon back to Jerusalem. His lineage can be traced back to Nathan, the son of David, but we never see him invoking privilege during the return.  He oversaw the laying of the foundation of the temple, re-established the ordinances and practices along with Joshua the high priest, but the attack of the adversaries and their stoppage of the work by force and power (Ezra 4:23) had taken the wind out of his sails.  He and the inhabitants were content to build their own houses and leave the work to rebuild undone.  But there came a message directly to Zerubbabel from Zechariah. In chapter 4 verse 8 and 9 the word from God was, “Moreover the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundations of this house; his hands shall also finish it; and thou shalt know that the Lord of hosts hath sent me unto you.

That reassurance from the Lord launched the priest back into the work in spite of the legal ramifications, in the face of the adversary, in the knowledge that God had ordained the work and would accomplish it through His servant.  Ezra 5:5 says, “But the eye of their God was upon the elders of the Jews, that they could not cause them to cease“.  I believe this could have been Zerubbabel’s rallying cry.  The Devil Is Not The Boss Of Me! He can’t tell me what to do or what not to do.  I take my orders from the Lord!

Adversaries are active and the enemy has as many plans to destroy as the Lord has plans to bless.  Let nothing that comes against us cause us to cease the work that the Lord has ordained and ordered us to accomplish.  Weary worker, look up unto the Lord who will given an expected end (Jeremiah 29:11) to His purpose and plan.

God Bless You!!


Be sure to set a reminder to tune in Monday morning at 8:30 eastern time to for the Riches From The Pages radio broadcast. Pray that the Lord will continue to provide a supply for this steadily expanding ministry.

March 2018 Newsletter



2018 is in full swing.  The God of heaven has overwhelmed us thus far!  January and February filled up to capacity and The Lord opened up avenues that we did not have on our radar yet.  Let’s look at what has happened, is happening, and what we are looking forward to this Spring and beyond.  

Our Ministry goals remain consistent to see souls saved and the church awakened with some new additional interests.  The top of our prayer list still consists of the bringing calls for preaching appointments. We added several dates in GA & TN that we are very thankful for.  We continue to pray for discernment regarding becoming involved in a Bible distribution effort and a possible mission trip by the end of the year.  As we wait upon the Lord we are striving to minister to others, prepare our written works for publication, and other outreach efforts we are preparing for.  

The most exciting thing that the Lord has brought to our doorstep in the past two months is the Riches From The Pages radio broadcast.  Long-Story-Short, through the providence of the Lord, we went on the air in January with WECO 940AM & 95.5FM every Monday at 8:30am which can be heard online at anywhere in the world. But the Lord was not done there.  We got a call from Word Christian Broadcasting in west GA to go on the air weekly and by the supply of the Lord we have received support for the first month of airtime. AND THEN, after a conversation with a close pastor friend in central FL it looks like we are going on the air on an FM station south of Tampa. Pray for this effort and stay tuned for the upcoming Riches From The Pages radio broadcast updates on our website,  We ask that you pray about becoming a supporter of this new facet of our ministry.  $100 will cover one month on one station. God has his hand on it and we are humbled to be used .

Another effort we are heading up currently is a fundraiser to purchase new mattress pads for the Power Of 2 Youth camps. Scores of young people have been saved, called to missions, many young men have been called to preach, and the Lord has simply changed lives through the Power of 2 Camps.  Our evangelistic ministry is attempting to raise funds to purchase 350 replacement mattress pads (cost around $50 each). It looks like we have a storage container donated to store the mattresses, Praise the Lord. Help us pray for success in this effort and prayerfully consider an offering of your own.

We have the following Sunday’s open in the coming months.

March 11, 25

April 1, 22, 29

May 6, 13, 27


There is nothing that we need more than prayer.  Pray for…

  • Open doors to Preach and Sing
  • Discernment on Missions Efforts, Bible Distribution Mission
  • Our Local church, Wahoo Baptist
  • Riches From The Pages radio broadcast
  • Reliable Transportation VERY SOON!
  • PO2 Camp Bunk Mattress Offering
  • Favor in Book Writing/Publishing, Music Recording
  • The Singers Chapel – Preaching Ministry to Travelling Southern Gospel travelling artists
  • Following the Lord toward full-time evangelism

God Bless You!!


Mark1:38 KJB