I am husband to Angel, and father to Abigail and Adelyn.  When the Lord called me to preach and specifically into evangelism He called our whole family.  No earthly desire, habit nor hobby occupies my time.  All that I do is for the Glory of God and the benefit of my family.  My guns are rusty and my guitar collection has steadily dwindled over the last eight years.  The Lord has been faithful in every way, every day.


Our family began on December 16, 2000 when Angel and I said ‘I do’.  She moved from Brandon, Florida outside of Tampa to a little two bedroom apartment in Gadsden, Alabama.  At the time I was travelling with the Gold City quartet as their bass player.  She was a faithful wife while I was away and has remained so throughout our years of marriage.  She always said when we talked about getting married that she was just fine being a musicians wife but was NOT marrying a preacher.  All the years of our marriage Angel had a testimony of getting saved as a teenager.  Over the years she had struggled in her spirit with the truth of that testimony.  May 8, 2012 we found out our third child was lost to miscarriage.  Two months later I lost my job and we had to make some major moves.  I took an interim Pastorate at Second Baptist church in Boaz, AL for six months.

All the while the Holy Spirit would not leave Angel alone.  At long last on Sunday morning November 11, 2012 at the end of the annual Jesus First meeting at Middle Tennessee Baptist after hearing a message from Luke 16:19 on the separation of the Lost from the Saved in eternity Angel moved past me in the pew with this statement, “Adam, I just don’t know…”  Under immense conviction she called upon the Lord to save her in the same altar that I had surrendered to preach four years earlier.  I can testify that there was a great change in her life.  Since that time she has battled through breast cancer to the Glory of God.  She now says she is glad to be a preacher’s wife.  You can find out more about her cancer journey at angelbordenvscancer.wordpress.com

Abigail Caroline came to us and immediately brought many sleepless nights but we gladly traded them for the many joyous days she has given us.  She is an industrious crafter, a budding seamstress, and a naturally talented musician and singer.  She began playing piano publicly at age 12 for her dear dad.  She now plays piano for our family and is learning to play guitar with gleeful ease.  Abby has an innate ability to harmonize with whatever music strikes her ear.  At a very early age Abby came home and announced that she had gotten saved at an overnight sleepover.  We quizzed her thoroughly and she was convinced that she was saved.  Yet, through her early years Abby always dealt with fears and anxiousness.  On November, 8 2013 at Middle Tennessee Baptist at the end of the annual Jesus First Meeting (Do you detect a theme here) the conviction of the Holy Ghost became more than any embarrassment was worth so she knelt in the same altar her mother had the year before and asked Jesus to save her soul.  She is very active in the youth department at Wahoo Baptist church.

Adelyn Olivia eased into our family with barely a whimper October 9, 2006.  Blessed with athletic balance and strength, she is constantly tumbling, stretching or flipping around.  Addy loves to read and has a servant’s heart.  She also has a God given musical gift that shows through her natural ear for piano, guitar, and bass.  Of our whole family she probably has the most dead-on pitch in singing.  She too had questions around the age of 5 about salvation, prayed and made a profession.  Several moves and a home invasion just days after moving to Florida to go on staff at Faith Baptist church & Christian school gave Addy much to be nervous about.  In those years she developed severe stomach issues and was constantly dealing with pain.  After we moved to Commerce, Georgia in the Fall of 2015 Addy found great friends at church and much excitement but still had stomach and sleep issues.  On the evening of February 19, 2016 Addy began to cry sitting on the couch by her mama.  We talked a while and I asked her if she knew if she was saved.  As she broke under conviction we immediately knelt by that couch and Addy prayed the sweetest prayer asking the Lord to save her soul.  She has not had a tummy ache since.  She loves her friends, music and most of all her Lord.






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  1. My brother, you are a brave man to live (and travel) with 3 women! I feel your pain because my wife gave me three daughters! But I am older now and God has given me SIX grandsons (and 1 granddaughter). Be patient, God’s not done yet!

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