Good Sunday morning friends.  It is SUNDAY!!  Don’t waste it.  In fact, let’s talk about that.

The Apostle Paul had a litany of learning experiences in the years of his Christian walk.  His summation of life is laid out in II Timothy 4:7-18.  He said in verse 7 he had fought a good Fight.  In verse 10 he knew what it was like to be Forsaken by friends in the ministry.  Verse 14 he named a Foe who had done him much evil.  But, in verse 16 he expressed Forgiveness to any who had left him in his time of need.  Paul fully knew who his ultimate Foe was, Satan, the lion that is seeking whom he may devour, and that the Lord was his deliverer in verse 17-18.  As he often did, Paul closed his letter to Timothy by listing his precious Friends.  Paul did not waste any of it.

Your admonishment this morning, is this;  Do Not Waste Anything.

Don’t waste the Trials.  Give God Praise in them, for them, and after them.  Paul began all but three of his letters with praise.  Don’t waste the opportunity of Prayer.  Colossians 1:3 “We give thanks to God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Praying always for you.”  Don’t waste the Practical life application of your trial.  Do something for someone, listen, visit, cook a meal, do someone’s laundry, clean their garden, encourage.  I think of Jeff Easter, who has never wasted one bus breakdown.  He has taken every opportunity to get greasy under a bus to help everyone else with their own to get them down the road.  Ms. Angel has  been able to help so many walk through breast cancer because of her trial just like Sheri Easter and Kathy Jeter helped her from the start.

Don’t waste the Time.  If you are young, don’t waste it.  This is as young as you are ever going to be (I Tim 4:12).  Middle agers, your babies will only be small once.  “I wish I had worked more overtime” said NO ONE on their headstone.  Elders, you still have time to impart wisdom and love like no one else can.  Nobody loves like grandparents.

Don’t waste the Teaching.  I know people who have been to Sunday school for decades but they cannot give you one scripture reference for the cardinal doctrines of the faith.  Sunday sermon after sermon goes by when the man of God studies and seeks the Spirit of God for the needs of the flock but it is gone from consciousness once we get to our lunch destination.  I remember hearing Maze Jackson preach out of Genesis, “Somebody Touched Heaven For Me” in 1988.  We subscribe to every podcast, devotional blog, facebook blah blah dribble, and yet I believe I can say that much of it is wasted in preference to opinion, social acceptance or selfish activity.  Don’t waste it.  We learn sound scriptural teachings to benefit someone else.  Don’t waste it by keeping it to yourself.



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