The Bible tells us in Psalm 107:2 “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.”  Our hope and prayer is that you have told another generation about the mighty works of God this week.  Let’s talk about that…

Our family has just finished four straight weeks of camps. There were two weeks at the North Georgia School of Gospel Music ( where they learned the rudiments and kids were redeemed. 178 campers came to sing but  around 7 also ended up saved.  Once we reached the month of July it was time for the Power of Two Junior camp and Teen camp back to back (  All told, with 700+ campers plus workers attending the two camps, there were 48 saved and around 5 young men called to preach.  That kind of saturation cannot help but affect your life.

On the final night of PO2 the Holy ghost directed things in a very serious somber direction.  The presence of God was heavy and challenging as one by one men gave directive testimony of how God can change a life from hopeless to Heavenly guided.  Those words came from men as young as 14 year old preacher boy Aaron Trask, who serves with his family as missionaries in the jungles of Honduras, to men like Brother Lee Davis, Dean McNeese, and Eric Brown, Stacy Pearcy on up to the legendary Brother Sammy Allen.

As I soaked it all in the Lord directed me to a Psalm that I had prayed through at the beginning of the service.  Chapter 145 verse 4 was coming to life before my eyes.  “One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts.”  Our minds might want to read that it is an ‘older generation’ who tells a younger but that is not what it says.  The Lord impressed to me that it could just be a younger remnant who has to tell an older generation who has gone off the rails what God has done in their lives.  Could it be that the younger generation has to tell my generation that old time religion still works, it still reaches young people, it still saves and changes lives.  There have been times that a younger generation has taken up the standard when the older let it drop into liberalism, compromise and pacification.  Samuel had to tell Eli, Joseph had to tell his older brothers, David had to proclaim to his older brothers that there was still “A Cause.”    Young Timothy had to preach to an older generation in Ephesus, and a 12 year old Jesus spoke words that amazed all the aged men that listened in the synagogue.

As you go forth into the world I exhort you to tell another generation of His mighty acts and praise His works.  Tell that crowd you stand before today, tell your children, tell your parents, tell your teachers, tell your elderly loved ones, tell your co-workers, tell your Sunday school class, just Tell Another Generation while there is still time.

God Bless You!


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