Our hope and prayer for you today is that the bread of life will be broken at your church to the nourishing of your soul.  Physical Bread that we eat has to be broken down for us to be able to swallow it.  Let’s talk about that…

Several times in the gospels, the Lord Jesus took break, blessed it, broke it and gave it to His disciples.  In Matthew 14 the Lord took the bread, looked to heaven and blessed the bread, broke the bread and gave it to His disciples to give to the multitudes.  As Jesus gathered with His twelve disciples in chapter 26 verse 26 He took bread, blessed it, and broke it as a symbol of His broken body and gave it to his disciples.  Finally in Luke 24 after a journey down the road to Emmaus, Jesus went to supper with two downtrodden disciples. He took bread, blessed it, broke it and gave it to them.  As soon as He did, their eyes were opened, “and they knew him.”  Did you notice a pattern?

In every one of these instances of the New Testament, Jesus did the same thing.  He Took The Bread.  The bread is symbolic of the scripture, The Bread of Life, the living word, Jesus Christ.  We must take the Word into our hands for it to make a difference in our hearts.  Next, He Blessed The Bread or Gave Thanks for the bread.  How do we view the Word of God.  How thankful are we for the Word of God in all its aspects of instruction, doctrine, correction, reproof, rebuke and exhortation?  Then Jesus Broke The Bread.  His body was broken for our salvation.  When we take the Word, and we thank God for the blessed Word, the Holy Ghost will break it into pieces that we can chew on and swallow.  Oil is a type of the Holy Spirit in the scriptures as used for anointing, joy and healing (I Samuel 16:13, Ps 45, Lu 10) .  Nothing helps fresh hot bread go down like dipping it in olive oil.  When the Bread is Broken and soaked in the oil of the Spirit it makes it much easier to chew and swallow.  Finally, Jesus Gave The Bread to His disciples.  Jesus has given us His Word.  In a day when it seems the word of man cannot be trusted, we can be thankful that God has given His Word that we can trust.

So, if we Take the bread, ask that the Lord Bless the bread, ask the Spirit to Break the bread, and Give us the bread what will happen?  The same thing that happened when Jesus did the very same thing in the gospels.  We will be nourished by the Word, we will find our salvation in the Word, and Jesus will reveal Himself to us in His Word (Luke 24:30-31). In the coming days that we celebrate Thanksgiving, we should take the precious Bread of life in our hands and thank the Lord for nourishing us, revealing Himself to us, showing us salvation in His Word, and then give it to someone else.

God Bless You,