Ezra 1:1 “…that the word of the Lord by the mouth of Jeremiah might be fulfilled…”

Our hope and prayer is that the word of the Lord is being fulfilled in and by your life.  Today we strike out on a study that has been laid upon me.  I feel impressed by the Holy Ghost to set up camp in Ezra and Nehemiah until I receive other orders from headquarters.  Let’s begin to talk about that…

Ezra is one of the post captivity books.  The 70 year captivity of the Hebrew people was under Assyrian and Chaldean captors.  The captivity was due to the Israelites forgetting God, forsaking God and following after the sinful patterns of their pagan acquaintances.  Wicked kings brought wicked practices, influenced citizens to compromise, and hastened the hand of God to deliver them to the control of the carnal nations that they copied so closely.

Ezra is the beginning of the open door of release of the 70 years of captivity.  The first task that was stirred into the heart of the pagan idol worshipping king, Cyrus, was to build, rather, rebuild the temple in the Holy city of Jerusalem in the promised land of Israel.  The temple had been destroyed, the homes burned, the walls were pulled down and burned and tens of thousands of the Hebrew people had been taken from the city of Jerusalem and the countryside of Judah over three campaigns.

Why?  Because the people of God had ignored God’s word, made themselves look like, act like, live like, and marry themselves tothe world around them.  And God did not like it, endorse it, condone it, and in fact, punished His beloved chosen people because of it.  I believe that the church of America has reached a state of critical mass that is so close to every image of the surrounding carnal world, with very few exceptions, that we might scarcely avoid a coming time of judgement upon the church in our country.  Let us pray that the Lord will stay His hand in hope of a repentance among His people.

My burden in these scriptures for 2018, according to the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God (Rom 12:2), is to call out for the need to Rebuild the Church, Restore the Homes, Rebuild the Walls, Re-emphasize the Word, Revitalize the spirit-filled Worship, and Return the Church to a state free from the imitation of the worldly influences of the day. Pray that the Lord will make His word come alive and burden us, correct us, conform us unto His image, and instruct us unto righteousness in these last days.

God bless us all as we seek His face,



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