On this national Memorial Day my spirit was drawn to an upper room in old Jerusalem on a night to celebrate the Passover where a soldier shared a commemorative meal and gave a charge; Remember.

Luke 22:19-20.  “And he took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me. Likewise also the cup after supper saying, This cup is the new testament of my blood, which is shed for you.

It was a preparation for battle; not against a dictator, a regime, a rebellion force or civil conflict.  This battle would be faced by one warrior who would defeat the entirety of all evil ever conceived in the past, perpetrated in the present and laying on the horizon of all of the future.  The only way to defeat it would be to become it (II Corinthians 5:21).  The Holy Warrior spilled all His blood and sacrificed His body “for you” and your freedom (John 8:36).  Remember.

As we pay tribute today to the soldiers of America’s past and present, let us also find meditative moments to Remember the Soldier of the Cross who gave all for all.  God Bless the Soldier.




Our hope and prayer for you is though you may not know how everything is working out, you can still have the Understanding of the Word of God when it proclaims His promises.  One of the top complaints of unbelievers is that ‘the Bible is hard to understand.’  But, that should not be the case for the believer.  Let’s talk about that…

In Nehemiah chapter 8 we find 2 things that confirm the structure of a modern pattern for how we should approach a church service.  First, there was Unity.  In verse 1 it says that the people gathered themselves together as one man.  Their desire was for the Word of God to be preached by a man of God [BTW… there was only one transcription of the direct Word, no other versions suited to their cultural preference, or language of their captivity].  There was a raised pulpit of wood (v4).  There were 13 men who stood with the man of God; 6 on Ezra’s right and 7 on his left.  The priest opened the book to read and all the people stood (v5).  Ezra blessed the Lord and all the people answered AMEN, AMEN! (v6) lifting their hands.  It says they bowed their heads and worshiped the Lord with their faces to the ground.  Ever wondered why we do all the things we do at church?  Here is a biblical precedent for a lot of it. It is historically consistent evidence of what the Word of God did for them and now does for us when we are attentive (v3).  BTW… it says Ezra preached the Word for 4 straight hours.  Better hope your preacher doesn’t read that part…

In those verses the word Understanding is used 6 times (6 is # of man=man can understand the Word of God).  Verse 2 says that the gathering was made up of men and women and all that could hear with understanding.  Now, that tells us several things.  All ages who can understand basic conversation can understand clear Bible teaching and Preaching.  No need to water it down for the youngsters or segregate them to a worldly ‘service’ attuned to their desires.  Get in there together and develop an appetite for the Word.  Kids of all ages need good preaching and can understand just as well as adults.

It said they were Attentive (v3), not scrolling past their Bible app to check their social media or ruminating on future lunch plans.  There was no tuning out during 4 solid hours of preaching.  WHY?  Because they understood.  It convicted them and they mourned their sinful state but were instructed of a gracious merciful God.  In verse 12 it said they went away rejoicing because thy had understood the words that were declared unto them.  I believe that Ezra and those teachers (v7-8) did nothing but give straight scripture and it made the difference.

To be fair, there are portions of scripture that we must analyze and compare with the context of other scripture, pray for the discernment of the Holy Spirit, and then spend more time with it in order to understand.  The great news is that, though there may be some things that we will understand ‘bye and bye’, the great majority of it can be understood right now, today.  

Got Understanding?

We Love You,



Wedding Rehearsal

Our hope and prayer is that on this Lord’s Day you are headed to Wedding Rehearsal. What, pray tell, are you talking about Preacher?  I’m glad you asked.  Let’s talk about that…

One of my prized reference books is by Alfred Edersheim, a Messianic Jew who found the Messiah in the mid 1800’s in Vienna, Austria.  In his book, Sketches of Jewish Social Life, Edersheim describes the process of a Hebrew wedding ceremony and all of it’s preparation.  As we study the wedding at Cana in John 2, we can envision a wedding day in the not so distant future where Jesus will be the center of attention instead of simply attending. Malachi 2 verse 14 tells us that the union of a bride and groom is one of companionship and a covenant.  That covenant was established before family, friends and the Father in heaven.  It was preceded by a betrothal.

As the father of two beautiful, Godly daughters, I am personally interested in the idea of being integrally involved in the selection of a groom for my girls and would be happy to arrange a husband of my choosing. Before the hate mail begins, Edersheim explains that any bride had the prerogative to refuse an intended groom before a betrothal engagement would become official.

When the engagement was settled the bride would go home and assemble a wedding party of attendants while the bridegroom would go to prepare a home for his bride.  In the middle of an undisclosed night, the groom would come with a band of attendants who would precede the groom carrying 10 staves with lights attached to the tops of staves to display the fact that the groom was on his way (Matthew 25:1).  They were called ‘friends of the bridegroom’ (John 3:29, Exodus 19:17,Ezekiel 28:13). He would come to the door of the bride’s house and knock on the door, retrieve her and take her away to her new home where the wedding proceedings would begin.  Edersheim further explains that the bride and groom would wear crowns (Isaiah 61:10, Ezekiel 16:12). Hallelujah!!

On Sunday’s, and Wednesdays for good measure, and any time a ‘meeting’ is taking place, I love to gather with fellow members of the Bride of Christ as we learn more about our groom, sing songs about Him, and read His love letters to us.  We discover his care for us and learn of the promises of the home that He is preparing.  In the distance we can hear the footsteps of a glorious gathering of a heavenly attendants and can see the lights of announcement, He’s coming.  It is almost time for a wedding. We seek to make our wedding garments spotless and white and keep our lamps trimmed and burning so that we may not be ashamed when He takes us from this house into our new home in Heaven.  What a wedding it will be. The halls of heaven outshine any cathedral ever conceived down here and that bride will be perfect, because of her groom.

Until then we will just keep rehearsing for that time when Jesus comes for his bride.  The anticipation of that moment requires no media pump or generated mania.  There will be no thought of, “Will it last…”  It is and shall be an eternal union of bride and groom.  Glory to God!  Enjoy your rehearsal today.  Keep looking up for the lights of the Groom who is soon on His way.

God Bless You!


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Good morning.  Guess what… It’s almost Preaching Time!!! We are back on the air today at today at 12:30 Eastern Time, WNEA 1300am in Newnan, GA. After our last announcement the Lord provided a supporter for 13 weeks of the WNEA broadcasts. “If it be of God…” We would love to see someone take up that support through the remainder of 2018.

I want to share our vision for this broadcast ministry. Currently we are on the air and online on Monday and Tuesday in TN and GA.  Our vision is to have a program broadcasting in 7 States on 7 days a week. We need to finalize our broadcast in FL so that only leaves 4 more days in States like AL, NC, SC, MS, KY, VA, WV MO…  If an individual or church would pray about taking on the Riches From The Pages radio broadcast ministry for an average of $100 per month in one of these States we can spread the preached word of the Gospel every day of the week. Please prayerfully consider this burden to be a blessing.  Contact us by phone or email if you have questions.

Stay Tuned!



Two Mothers

Our hope and prayer is that the mothers in our lives will be celebrated as they deserve to be.  The Bible is filled with examples of good and not so good mothers.  As I think about my two favorite mama’s today, I reflect on how their lives reflect scripture.  Let’s talk about that…

In I Samuel chapters 1 & 2 we read two of the great prayers of the Bible.  It is not from a prophet or a king, but rather a lady who longs to be a mother.  Unless the Lord would intervene, that longing would never be living.  Hannah was a praying mama.  She prayed for her child, Samuel, before he was conceived and continued to pray as she gave him back to God for His service.  She did her part and then trusted the Lord to do His part.  I know two mothers who do the exact same thing.


It was not a rare occasion as a child at home to interrupt my Mama on her face in prayer, especially before the day was in full swing.  Mrs. Debra did her part by feeding, clothing, correcting, and most of all loving.  I remember a time when we were moving from one part of sweet home Alabama to another and were searching for a new home church.  My Mama made sure that the transition would not cause a lapse in Bible instruction.  She located workbooks and gave us ‘Sunday School’ assignments every week.  I remember one Sunday morning in the car as I was finishing my lesson that a complaint arose… I think it was my sister, but I’m sure she thinks it was me. It was made clear to us in no uncertain terms that our mama was going to make dead sure that we were going to learn from the Word in those in-between days and all the others as well so one day we would not lay out or fall out of church someday.   I am very thankful for that. I never heard my mama rail on my daddy or use slop jar language.  She is modest and a mediator.  She is grateful and a constant giver.  All I have ever seen her do is work past her physical energy, love far past the extraordinary, and live exclusively for her Lord. She has always been a lady, a lover of hospitality who laid down the law. She is a learner’s best friend, and the Lord’s best example in so many ways.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mama.

IAngelGirls never knew all that my Mama went through raising me and my sissy until I began the path of parenthood with Mrs. Angel.  We never knew love could be that strong.  We learned very quickly that it HAD to be that strong in order to retain our sanity through sleepless nights, fevered brows, and the horrific screaming aversions to the car seat that our eldest experienced [picture a 9 hour trip to Florida stretching to 13].  Through it all, the mother of my children, two in Georgia and one in heaven, has proven that she is much tougher than I am.  She works through pain, prays through uncertain days, and protects fiercely.  She teaches our girls what it means to be a good friend every day and a great wife and mother someday.  Lord willing, they will look back like me and think, “Wow, she really did know what she was talking about.” She, like Mary the mother of Jesus, ponders things in her heart and possesses a scary dose of discernment.  No monkey business gets by her.  Her gut-feelings soon reveal themselves as reality, so watch your step.  Angel is self-aware and constantly seeking to improve as a person, a child of God, wife and a Mommy.   Happy Mother’s Day, Chikadee!

God Bless the God-fearing mothers of the world!  Pray that those who need Christ will call on His name.  Their children need a saved mama.

We love you,






UPDATE Riches From The Pages radio broadcast

UPDATE: The Riches From The Pages radio broadcast Will Not air today on WNEA 1300am Newnan GA. We have not been able to raise any support for this station so we have to stop for now. Pray that we can get back on the air soon. We trust that the Lord will provide. “But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it;” Acts 5:39. Stay tuned for updates.

Seen & Unseen


Our hope and prayer is that the light of the Lord has been clearly seen by those around you.  If you go attend anything from a child’s sporting event to a workplace, or anything labelled ‘entertainment’, it will not take very long to recognize the darkness that a greatly disturbing number of people live in.  Do we ever stop and think that just as we are observing their darkness, they are observing our light? Or are they?  Let’s talk about that…

I was turned toward II Corinthians chapter 4 this week after listening to an RG Lee message titled, “Adorning the Doctrine of Christ”.  What the Holy Ghost began to show me was how this chapter is about focusing on what is unseen instead of what is seen.  Our key verse (18) gives us the perspective.  Think on it his way; the human organ of the epidermis, our skin, is what people see.  However, the most important organs of the body are unseen; the brain, heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, bones.  All these unseen things affect the state of the outwardly seen things.  Healthy versus unhealthy eating will show up on the outside.  A baby growing on the inside of the mama will eventually be seen.  

We cannot fully expound this chapter today, but in almost every verse there is a word that notates things seen & unseen.  Words like seeing, hidden, manifestation, hid, blinded, shine out of darkness, outward man, and inward man.  What is it that we are exhorted to do?  Let people see the ministry of God within us, Manifest the truth, shine the light of the Lord out of darkness, and let the life of Jesus be made manifest in our body (v10).

I believe in brushing up and looking our best, but if the only adornment that is seen by the world is our church clothes, hair-do/haircut, shined shoes and ear-bobs, then we have missed it.  I Peter 3:3 tells us to let what is seen “not be that outward adorning” of our hair, jewelry, or fancy clothes, “But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.

**And let me just hit this a minute…  What a tattoo (Leviticus 19:28) or a ton of cosmetic surgery, and a lightbulb tan tells the world around you is, “God did not do a good enough job when He created me, so I had to help the Almighty Creator out.  LOOK AT ME!” **

I encourage you to read II Corinthians 4 and ask the Holy Spirit to show you what is really Seen in your life.  Is the unseen light of the Gospel hidden within you ever seen to the world around you?  Because, the things which are not seen are eternal.  The beautiful things that the Lord puts inside are much more beautiful than the outside could ever be on its own.  Let them be seen.

God Bless You!


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