Our hope and prayer is that the mothers in our lives will be celebrated as they deserve to be.  The Bible is filled with examples of good and not so good mothers.  As I think about my two favorite mama’s today, I reflect on how their lives reflect scripture.  Let’s talk about that…

In I Samuel chapters 1 & 2 we read two of the great prayers of the Bible.  It is not from a prophet or a king, but rather a lady who longs to be a mother.  Unless the Lord would intervene, that longing would never be living.  Hannah was a praying mama.  She prayed for her child, Samuel, before he was conceived and continued to pray as she gave him back to God for His service.  She did her part and then trusted the Lord to do His part.  I know two mothers who do the exact same thing.


It was not a rare occasion as a child at home to interrupt my Mama on her face in prayer, especially before the day was in full swing.  Mrs. Debra did her part by feeding, clothing, correcting, and most of all loving.  I remember a time when we were moving from one part of sweet home Alabama to another and were searching for a new home church.  My Mama made sure that the transition would not cause a lapse in Bible instruction.  She located workbooks and gave us ‘Sunday School’ assignments every week.  I remember one Sunday morning in the car as I was finishing my lesson that a complaint arose… I think it was my sister, but I’m sure she thinks it was me. It was made clear to us in no uncertain terms that our mama was going to make dead sure that we were going to learn from the Word in those in-between days and all the others as well so one day we would not lay out or fall out of church someday.   I am very thankful for that. I never heard my mama rail on my daddy or use slop jar language.  She is modest and a mediator.  She is grateful and a constant giver.  All I have ever seen her do is work past her physical energy, love far past the extraordinary, and live exclusively for her Lord. She has always been a lady, a lover of hospitality who laid down the law. She is a learner’s best friend, and the Lord’s best example in so many ways.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mama.

IAngelGirls never knew all that my Mama went through raising me and my sissy until I began the path of parenthood with Mrs. Angel.  We never knew love could be that strong.  We learned very quickly that it HAD to be that strong in order to retain our sanity through sleepless nights, fevered brows, and the horrific screaming aversions to the car seat that our eldest experienced [picture a 9 hour trip to Florida stretching to 13].  Through it all, the mother of my children, two in Georgia and one in heaven, has proven that she is much tougher than I am.  She works through pain, prays through uncertain days, and protects fiercely.  She teaches our girls what it means to be a good friend every day and a great wife and mother someday.  Lord willing, they will look back like me and think, “Wow, she really did know what she was talking about.” She, like Mary the mother of Jesus, ponders things in her heart and possesses a scary dose of discernment.  No monkey business gets by her.  Her gut-feelings soon reveal themselves as reality, so watch your step.  Angel is self-aware and constantly seeking to improve as a person, a child of God, wife and a Mommy.   Happy Mother’s Day, Chikadee!

God Bless the God-fearing mothers of the world!  Pray that those who need Christ will call on His name.  Their children need a saved mama.

We love you,

BroAdamB   evangelistadamborden.com





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