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“We’ll Work Till Jesus Comes”

Our hope and prayer is that you have put your shoulder to the wheel of the work of the Lord this week.  It is a labor that will someday bring us to sweet rest.  Let’s talk about that today as we turn in our Bible to John 9 and grab our Church Hymnal and go to…

Page 361 “We’ll Work Till Jesus Comes”

As we look around our society today, there is a divided view on labor.  There is an increase in interest for skilled workers in various vocations and an upswing in people who know how to do things with their hands and minds.  On the other hand, there is a generation coming up that has no idea what work is.  They know how to achieve screen game greatness with an accumulation of new ‘levels’ and ‘coins’ but they have no knowledge or desire to do what is needful; Get To Work!

When Dr. William Miller penned the words of this simple and profound hymn, he was relaying the truth that Jesus spoke in the gospel of John chapter 9 verse 4.  “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh , when no man can work.”  Oh yes, there is an eternal rest that we work toward (Hebrews 4) but, until the summons come where I shall lay my armor by and dwell in peace at home there is work to do.  When we to Jesus Christ fled for rest He put us under an assignment till He conducts us home.  Work.

Notice in our scripture what the Savior said when His disciples questioned Him about a pitiful situation of sickness in the first 4 verses.  This is not the place to stand afar, see and suppose.  This is the place where the will of God matched with the work of God will yield the wonder of God.  Do we realize how critical it is that our work that is dedicated unto the Father is accomplishing His will? (Colossians 3:23-24) Mankind works for profits, prosperity, popularity, progression of ideology, and to pass along an inheritance without any dedication unto God. If a man does not work as if the Lord is his Lead-man, his supervisor, his boss, then all that labor will be spent up when that person passes through the veil of death into eternity.

What is the directive of our work?  What is the direction of our work?  What is the dedication of our work?  What is the destination of our work?   Finally, what is the delay in our work?  Why are we doing what we are doing?  Are we doing anything as unto the Lord?  No matter if it is ministry or manual labor, intercession or I.T., the work that we do should be accomplished from a dedication to please the God of heaven who is making us a home with Him where we can someday rest.  Are we working for Him, for ourselves, or at all?  Let us join in that chorus, We’ll work till Jesus comes; And we’ll be gathered home.

God Bless You!


“Remember me, O my God, for good.”

Our hope and prayer is that whatever good you have done this week has been done for the sake of the Christ.  Nehemiah, the governor, had spent years driving the work of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem and restoring order.  In all his labor there was only one desire, one burden.  He wanted to do good for God.  Let’s talk about that…

In chapter 13 verse 31, Nehemiah has concluded his work and is concluding his writings of the accounts of around 12 years.  What great work he did.  What a great work is was, to restore a protection that brought security to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and the operation of the Temple. None of it was free from opposition.  They would have their mortar trowel in one hand and a sword in the other hand at times.  Much of Nehemiah’s work was restoring things: walls, gates, civility between brethren, and responsibility of the remnant.  There was the return of the Word of God in chapter 8 and the Repentance of a nation in chapter 9.

From chapters 10 through 13 there was a setting in order of offices, overseers and occupations.  Along the way there was also a need for separation from practices, political alliances with enemies (13:7-9), and people who would defile the remnant. It was a time of contention that was necessary but not comfortable.  None of it was easy.  None of it won a large gathering of friends.  None of it made him the most popular man in town.  But, it was a work worth doing.  His only desire was to do what God had burdened him for.  His only prayer was that God would remember him for good.  Not perfect, good.  Good in God’s eyes is greater than the greatest estimation of man.

God looked at His creation in Genesis and saw that it was good.  He saw His Son’s sacrifice and it was good.  Every good gift comes from Him (James 1:17).  His will is good (Rom 12).  His commandments are good (Rom 7). The work He has begun in all His children is good (Phil 1:6).  It is not unreasonable for all who claim His name to spend their life for the good things of God.  Our prayer should echo Nehemiah’s heart.  O Lord, remember me for good.  

God Bless You!


The Best

Our hope and prayer is that you are headed to the best church in your area to hear the best preacher preach from the best Bible, the King James version, and listen to the best music, gospel music.  Our hope and prayer is that you will give your best and live your best, serve your best and sacrifice your best for the Savior.  Is what you have in regards to God the best?  Let’s talk about that.

God commanded us in Exodus 20 verse 3 that we should have No Other God’s before Him.  That means that this crowd that says whatever you choose to worship and believe is okay for you as long as you are sincere. That is sincerely wrong.  God was very specific in the Tabernacle and Temple worship in every aspect; construction, supply, servants, priests, attire, and sacrifice.  There was one way and one way only.  When Paul gave command in the Galatians 1:8-9  that if any man or any angel from heaven delivered any other version of the gospel that he would be accursed. James said we should not be double minded (James 1:8).

There is no way that I would want to join something, give to something, serve someone, give my life to or participate in the worship of a Lord that I did not believe was the best and only way.  If you ever say to someone else about their church life, ‘That’s okay for you but…” then you do not believe you have the best.

I want to declare beyond any shadow of a day that I worship the best one true living and only God (Eph 4:5).  I declare that, according to the witness of the Holy Ghost and the price paid in blood to preserve it, the KJV is the best Bible (Ps 119:140).  I declare that the best music is Gospel music that does not sound anything like what the world has, written from the inspiration of scripture and a life lived for Christ (Eph 5:19).  I declare there is one way to salvation.  Man is drawn by the Holy Ghost (John 6:44), convicted of his sin (John 8:9), believes on the Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 16:31), Calls out to Him in prayer (Rom 10:13) and is gloriously saved (Rom 10:9).  That is the Best and Only way.

If you do not believe you have the best then maybe the Best does not have you.  If it takes it, drive a great distance to be in the best church under the best preacher preaching the best message, singing the best music and doing their best to reach the world.  I do.

God Bless You,



Our hope and prayer is that your interaction with the rest of the human race this week has been relatively reasonable without the wicked human sin of Jealousy.  Let’s talk about that…

Proverbs 6:34 “For Jealousy is the rage of a man: therefore he will not spare in the day of vengeance.”  KJV

JEALOUSY:   feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages.  feeling or showing suspicion of someone’s unfaithfulness in a relationship.  fiercely protective or vigilant of one’s rights or possessions.  (of God) demanding faithfulness and exclusive worship.

Jealousy is particularly pervasive in our society currently.  Being Jealous is not only about young love and the threat of possible rivals.  By our definition, Jealousy is the outward display of the inner bitter root of Envy.  I would submit today that Jealousy is conceived in a couple of conditions. 

If we have experienced the barbs of Jealousy we can agree that selfishness is definitely a seed.  I remember when Adelyn was in Kindergarten, she had a little friend who seemed so sweet and they hit it off famously.  Addy has always been quick to make friends and as Kindergarten went on she would meet other little girls which made the first little girl very jealous.  She would say, if you are going to be friends with me you cannot be friends with them.  Selfish.  Amazingly, when the first little girl decided SHE wanted to play with someone else she would tell Addy she had a new friend and Addy was NOT her friend anymore.  We have always advised our girls that we have to learn to be a good friend and jealousy destroys our ability to be a good friend.

In-Security is another attribute of Jealousy.  When we feel like we do not measure up we may display Jealousy in a way that tears others down through hurtful language  of gossip, sarcasm and lying.  The worst is probably the cold shoulder.  The other person may have no idea what is the matter and when they might ask the answer is Nothing!  Lie.  Then the answer might be short and curt.  Hurtful.  The Jealous one may use passive-aggressive language to hurt the other persons feelings.  Sarcasm.  All these signs are easy to spot if you are the recipient but not easily admitted if you are the one delivering them to your ‘friend’.  

Make a point to ask the Holy Spirit to point out and eliminate the hurtful sin of Jealousy in your own life.

God Bless You!



Who Told You To Quit?

Our hope and prayer is that the Lord has given you an encouragement to continue what He has begun in you.  But, undoubtedly there are many who are on the verge of saying, I quit. Let’s talk about that…

Our study in Ezra and Nehemiah has brought us back around to when the Remnant Rebuilders have laid the foundation of the Temple two years after King Cyrus’ heart was stirred by God to let any and all of the captivity who were willing, go back to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple.  In chapter 4 we see some ‘adversaries’ who wanted to join in the work.  That’s a whole other message.  When the ‘adversaries’ were denied that opportunity by Ezra and the ancient Hebrew men, they began to hinder the work.  The adversaries went so far as to bring a legal action against the Remnant Rebuilders and when king Artaxerxes sent back a cease and desist decree, the adversaries stopped the Hebrews from the work ‘by force and power’.  The work stopped for 14 years.

Then the Lord gave 2 old time preachers named Haggai (1:1-14) and Zechariah (4:8-9) a message for the Remnant.  WHO TOLD YOU TO QUIT?  The Remnant was obeying man rather than God and for 14 years the work stopped.  Who were they taking orders from?  Did Artaxerxes tell them to start?  Did he fund the operation?  Did he do the miraculous to obey God’s mandate?  NO!

There is a maxim in sales that every salesperson is engrained with.  “Never take a no from someone who is not authorized to give you a yes.”  The Remnant received no orders from the Father to quit and yet they stopped at the behest of pagan idol worshippers and a king who knew not the God of heaven.  Such is the case in many churches, families, and ministries today.  Folks are ready to quit when God has not said any such thing.  Let me give you some things to think about when you think about quitting…

Who Told You To Quit…

Serving (Galatians 6:9)  There is a harvest of blessing if we will just keep on going, even if no one else goes with us

Praying (I Thessalonians 5:17)  In every place at every time

Being Holy (I Peter 1:16)  The world says be a heathen but God says be Holy

Witnessing (Matthew 28:19-20)  It is the Great Commission, not the Great Convenience

Church  (Hebrews 10:25)  More church not less church

Because It’s Hard (II Timothy 3:12)  If it was easy everyone would do it

Old Time Religion (Jeremiah 6:16)  At the end of that verse some said ‘No, I Quit’

Because someone hurt your feelings – Jesus had his back laid open with a cat of 9 tails.  Something somebody said to you hurt worse than that???

Worshipping (II Samuel 6)  David’s spouse, Michal, criticized his worship and God never allowed her to have a child because of it.  But, David said, in southern-eze, “Honey, if you thought I was an embarrassment in my worship today, you just wait till tomorrow.  You ain’t seen nothin’ YET!!

Being Modest (Deuteronomy 22:5)  READ IT

Marriage (Mark 10:9) Many quit because God was not in the beginning of it, but, if He has come into it, stay with it with all your might.  Marriage is Gods picture of our relationship to Jesus, and He is not quitting on His bride.

Being the Parent (Proverbs 13:24)  Your child does not need another buddy, they need a parent. Quit letting a screen or a school system raise your child.

No matter what it is that God has told you to do either in His Word, or in specific task or calling, there is no room to quit until it is complete (Zech 5:8-9).  It is not time to quit!  Ezra 5:1-5 tells us that when the Remnant heard the words of the preachers they rose up and began to build the house of God.  In verse 5 when the adversaries tried to come back, because the eye of their God was upon the elders of the Jews … they could not cause them to cease.

Everyone thinks about it occasionally, but, the question is… Who told you to Quit?

We Love You!!!