Our hope and prayer is that you are headed to the best church in your area to hear the best preacher preach from the best Bible, the King James version, and listen to the best music, gospel music.  Our hope and prayer is that you will give your best and live your best, serve your best and sacrifice your best for the Savior.  Is what you have in regards to God the best?  Let’s talk about that.

God commanded us in Exodus 20 verse 3 that we should have No Other God’s before Him.  That means that this crowd that says whatever you choose to worship and believe is okay for you as long as you are sincere. That is sincerely wrong.  God was very specific in the Tabernacle and Temple worship in every aspect; construction, supply, servants, priests, attire, and sacrifice.  There was one way and one way only.  When Paul gave command in the Galatians 1:8-9  that if any man or any angel from heaven delivered any other version of the gospel that he would be accursed. James said we should not be double minded (James 1:8).

There is no way that I would want to join something, give to something, serve someone, give my life to or participate in the worship of a Lord that I did not believe was the best and only way.  If you ever say to someone else about their church life, ‘That’s okay for you but…” then you do not believe you have the best.

I want to declare beyond any shadow of a day that I worship the best one true living and only God (Eph 4:5).  I declare that, according to the witness of the Holy Ghost and the price paid in blood to preserve it, the KJV is the best Bible (Ps 119:140).  I declare that the best music is Gospel music that does not sound anything like what the world has, written from the inspiration of scripture and a life lived for Christ (Eph 5:19).  I declare there is one way to salvation.  Man is drawn by the Holy Ghost (John 6:44), convicted of his sin (John 8:9), believes on the Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 16:31), Calls out to Him in prayer (Rom 10:13) and is gloriously saved (Rom 10:9).  That is the Best and Only way.

If you do not believe you have the best then maybe the Best does not have you.  If it takes it, drive a great distance to be in the best church under the best preacher preaching the best message, singing the best music and doing their best to reach the world.  I do.

God Bless You,


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