Our hope and prayer is that whatever good you have done this week has been done for the sake of the Christ.  Nehemiah, the governor, had spent years driving the work of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem and restoring order.  In all his labor there was only one desire, one burden.  He wanted to do good for God.  Let’s talk about that…

In chapter 13 verse 31, Nehemiah has concluded his work and is concluding his writings of the accounts of around 12 years.  What great work he did.  What a great work is was, to restore a protection that brought security to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and the operation of the Temple. None of it was free from opposition.  They would have their mortar trowel in one hand and a sword in the other hand at times.  Much of Nehemiah’s work was restoring things: walls, gates, civility between brethren, and responsibility of the remnant.  There was the return of the Word of God in chapter 8 and the Repentance of a nation in chapter 9.

From chapters 10 through 13 there was a setting in order of offices, overseers and occupations.  Along the way there was also a need for separation from practices, political alliances with enemies (13:7-9), and people who would defile the remnant. It was a time of contention that was necessary but not comfortable.  None of it was easy.  None of it won a large gathering of friends.  None of it made him the most popular man in town.  But, it was a work worth doing.  His only desire was to do what God had burdened him for.  His only prayer was that God would remember him for good.  Not perfect, good.  Good in God’s eyes is greater than the greatest estimation of man.

God looked at His creation in Genesis and saw that it was good.  He saw His Son’s sacrifice and it was good.  Every good gift comes from Him (James 1:17).  His will is good (Rom 12).  His commandments are good (Rom 7). The work He has begun in all His children is good (Phil 1:6).  It is not unreasonable for all who claim His name to spend their life for the good things of God.  Our prayer should echo Nehemiah’s heart.  O Lord, remember me for good.  

God Bless You!



One thought on ““Remember me, O my God, for good.”

  1. Thank you. I stumbled on this and it quietly blessed my soul. I am one who had a great calling and squandered it. The Lord has been gracious. His love and grace for me allows me to live in the shadows to just “do good” for the one who loves me, yes for Christ sake…


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