Since our last update we have taken several steps forward. In the last week Angel has had appointments with her Radiation Oncologist, her surgeon, her primary Dr, and then the dreaded MRI on the 12th. It has to be understood that each one of those steps carries a certain amount of anxiety. For all who try to give the ole’ encouraging, “You can do it! Just be brave.” As kindly as I can put this, let’s just put a tumor in your brain, have it surgically removed with a history of cancerous tumors and know the trauma the body goes through, throw in a good dose of claustrophobia for all the lovely scans and then come see us. All that said, it was, is and will be the Lord who is holding Angel up and helping her take each step. Prayer is much better than bravery. One could be brave without an ounce of prayer. But, one can possess some human fear and be bathed in prayer and proceed trusting to the unseen Hand of God.

Angel got a call on Friday from her radiation oncologist, Dr Zhang, with the results of the MRI. The pocket has closed to a great degree but the area will still require 3 gamma knife radiation treatments instead of the 1 that we had hoped for. But, what we really want is the best possible care and for the will of God to be done.

Tomorrow is a big day. At 11:45 Angel has an appointment with her Medical Oncologist, Dr Tanna. The information that she provides will reveal another level to what could be further treatments. With Angel’s history with breast cancer, and with the pathology report linking the brain tumor to that breast cancer can give cause for concern. Another wrinkle in what may come forth is that Angel has been regularly checked for ‘cancer markers’ and has been on a cancer suppression meds since her breast cancer treatment in 2014-15. The concern is that with the meds and the regular blood tests showing no cancer markers present, she still grew a 4.8cm brain tumor.

PRAYER: Pray for the Medical Oncology treatment path. Pray for the Gamma Knife radiation treatment to be effective. Pray for the cabin fever to be tolerated. DON’T STOP PRAYING!!

2 thoughts on “Angel Update 8/15/21

  1. I cannot imagine what Angel is going thru daily and sometimes hourly. Praying for her daily and for her treatments and all the anxiety that surrounds this. Praying for you too Bro Adam and the girls. Looking forward to seeing y’all soon. Hope Angel will feel like eating with us and don’t know if she has to be on a special diet. Just let me know if she is and I will make sure she has what she wants and needs. Love your family.


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