Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for every handshake & hug, text & voicemail, every ‘praying’ reply & every private prayer closet moment spent on our behalf. We all know that we should pray, yea are commanded to pray but when life is a grind and Monday after mundane Monday cycles around we may find ourselves stale and stilted in our prayer life. Then, we get the news we did not expect or want to hear. The herald of heartache brings a racing pulse and paralysis in our thought processes. We take stock and realize what may have become at best an obligation over a plate and an ‘if I think about it’ aspect of our life is now all we can and want to do. But, though things seem to be over, don’t stop praying.

On this side of things I have learned a lesson for the remainder of my life. There are only two things that hurting people need to hear. “I love you and I’m praying for you.” That’s it. No personal experience no matter how similar really helps a hurting soul to hear. For good measure, if the Holy Spirit nudges, “I’m here if you need anything.” Those genuine words have done the most good. Be cautious about asking what happened. The wound may still be too raw especially if it is a sudden tragedy. 

Paul in 1st Thessalonians knew of the love of those dear folks (4:9). In the midst of his 7 principles of a Spirit filled life Paul gave his own version of Angel’s battle cry in 5:17, “Pray without ceasing.” King James language for ‘Don’t Stop Praying!’ And so that is our humble request to all of you who prayed us through these arduous days and nights. Don’t stop praying. 

Some Thank You’s are really necessary. We know the danger of naming names but we will take it for granted that our friends are strong enough to forgive a possible lapse in our public thanks.

Above all, our family; The Reynold’s, Borden’s, Turner’s & Tidmore’s. Words cannot express how thankful for your willingness to drop everything to be by our side and walk with us every step of the way.

Wahoo Baptist Church and Pastor Mark, Mrs Amy, Riley and Carter Stroud. There is no substitute for a loving church family.

Memorial Park Riverside Chapel funeral services, Mr Jerry Ward and all of the wonderful staff. Above and beyond. 

The expert medical professionals of the Northside Hospital system of Atlanta, Gwinett and Forsyth locations,.Advanced Neurosurgery Associates, Dr Evan Winograd, Dr Hazzard, PA Justin, PA Catherine, Nurse Amber. The NHG 6th floor Neuro-Intensive care nursing staff. Oncologist Dr Saloni Tanna. Radiation Oncologist Isabella Zhang, Nurse Jennifer. Radiation Oncologist David Yoo. Neurologist Dr Bashir. Cardiologist Dr Veoltz. Primary Dr Chennaraddy. Endocrinologist Dr Soares-Welch. Pain Management Dr Jae Yoo. Many of whom gave personal cell numbers to be there around the clock. We could not have asked for better, more professional, more compassionate medical care. 

The many friends who provided meals and enjoyable distractions for the girls, drove long distances for a breakfast with a friend, the visitation and home-going service. Thank you is not enough but it is all we have.

For the Pastors and churches who without fail lifted up the prayer requests, mailed a card, rescheduled meetings for us, and just loved us with the Love of Christ. We are without words. We love you 

For all who have given monetary gifts to help meet our practical needs, thank you. We are humbled by the abundant supply that the Lord has provided by your hands. Our pledge is that we will earn every penny in service unto the Lord for the sake of the Gospel of Christ Jesus. 

Finally, it cannot stop here. We press on. There are only a few things that we have rescheduled in the coming days for some family time, but we are not stopping, not slowing down, not giving up. We have too many reasons to go on with God. It is our responsibility to live out Psalm 119:74 “They that fear thee will be glad when they see me; because I have hoped in thy word.” We want you to know that your prayers and the abundant grace of God is what has gotten us through. Our prayers, your prayers were not in vain. God is Good and He is Right. His ways are above our ways, His thoughts are above our thoughts. We are not mad at the Lord. The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. 


6 thoughts on “I Love You, I’m Praying For You

  1. Our hearts still ache with you and the girls. We are still praying daily for all of you… praying the next few days, weeks and months to come that God will provide all your needs, comfort and grace as only He can give. We love you all.🙏❤️❤️❤️


  2. This brings tears to my eyes Bro Adam just thinking that no matter what – the Lord is faithful and you are right — His ways are higher than our ways. I am so very thankful that HE made the way for us to life eternally with Him and I know I will see Ms Angel again. We WON’T STOP PRAYING for you and the girls and your ministry.

    Much love to y’all

    Jan and Mike


  3. The family’s at Beacon Baptist Church sure do love you and continue to pray for you all!! I’m so sorry you’re hurting. ❤️❤️❤️


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