What a wonderful Sunday morning!  I’m at my desk reading the word and listening to The Taylors sing “We Are Not Ashamed of The Gospel.”  Hallelujah!!!  I love the Word of God and I love Southern Gospel music.  Let me take this blog-portunity (I made that up) to testify of how your songs had an impact this weekend.

Friday night and Saturday our church, Wahoo Baptist, hosted our 9th annual Winter Youth Meeting.  Youth groups from at least 5 states that I know of swelled a crowd of around 1,200.  ***HOLD ON:  “I Choose To Stand” from the Mylon Hayes Family just came on the Gospel Greats.  GLORY!!***  Anyway, Friday night by the third congregational song from the Red backed Church Hymnal, #346 “I Know My Name Is There”, a young teenage girl hastened to the altar and prayed to receive Christ as her Savior.  Thank you Gerald for keeping that collection of music going.

Then, our pastor, Mark Stroud, called up any youth who wanted to form a choir to sing.  500+ young people gathered and sang Southern Gospel music.  While the choir sang from memory the Nelons song “Jesus, What A Wonderful Name” a young man came to the altar and was gloriously saved.  THEN, they kicked into Chris Allman’s song “For All He’s Done” and we saw scores of those youth worship with hands upraised with many flooding the altar with their youth group to thank the Lord for all He has done for them.  AND THEN, Ms. Natalie Raynes led out the verses on the Kingsmen song “I’ve Never Seen The Righteous Forsaken” and by that time it was ON!  Keep in mind, all those young people and the musicians (especially the bass player) knew these songs by heart.  There was no rehearsal.  Let all that sink in.  Your music means more than you know to those kids.

On Friday night Pastor Tim Gammons from Winston-Salem, North Carolina preached an incredible message from Genesis, “What we need is a Phineas”.  At the end of that Friday night service another young man came to the altar under conviction to be saved.  I cannot even tell you all that went on in Saturday’s services but suffice it to say there was more good Southern Gospel music from the Victory Trio from Valdosta, GA and the Doug Raynes Family.  Brother John Dorsey’s message, “What Fire Are You Warming From” (Mark 14:53-62) and Dr. Tony Hutson’s preaching on the “The Mark” from Genesis 4 brought at least 10 more to salvation.

My testimony to you is that in these very last days that worldliness is not what we need to reach young people.  We need your music, we need the power of the Word of God, we need Pastors and Youth Pastors who hold the line, not blur the lines.  Keep bringing good Southern Gospel music to the table.  It reaches far beyond your concert stage.




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