Good Sunday morning friends.  Praise the Lord who has given us life, and health, and strength and another day to live for Him.

We had the distinct pleasure of enjoying a singing with Greater Vision this past Friday night at Calvary Baptist in Statham, Georgia.  Matt Dibler, who is music minister there, and I agreed at the end of the evening that we did not realize how much we both needed such a wonderful service. Gerald, Rodney and Chris did their usual outstanding job as they sang through their library of favorite songs.  Rodney sang my very favorite song of his, “He’ll Carry Me” and Chris did my favorite song he has written, “For All He’s Done”. Then Chris sang a great song Rodney wrote years ago, “Like I Wish I’d Lived”.  This particular night they guys sang that song with just Gerald at the piano.  The lyrics took me back to a life changing memory I want to share with you.

In the fall of 1990 I was a freshman at Snead State Community College in Boaz, sweet home Alabama.  I was taking a night class on computer coding.  Picture 3 foot tall computer towers with a 10 inch black screen, green letters on the screen, a real floppy disk and not a cell phone in the room.   Sitting on my right was a young man whom I had graduated High School with named Chad Wilmore.  In fact, we had gone to school together since 7th grade.  After about 3 weeks of that night class Chad began to talk to me very curiously.  He said, “Adam, have you ever heard that Jesus Christ died for your sins?”  Of course.  “Do you know that Jesus loves you and if you believe on him…” Whoa, What?  That is when I interrupted Chad and said, “Chad, I know what you are talking about.  I’m a Christian.  I got saved when I was 6 years old.”  He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face and said, “Really?  Hmm.”  He turned back to his computer and I sat there the rest of the class bewildered and convicted.  As I tried to hide the tears that ran down my cheeks I thought about how Chad had watched my life since we were 13 years old and not one thing he saw indicated that I knew Christ or considered myself a Christian.  That night Chad Wilmore changed my life.  I knew that I could not go back and fix all my mistakes but I could begin to live like I wish I had lived through those school years.  I will answer before the Almighty for the works I did not do back then and I do not look forward to it.

I did what Abram did in Genesis 12 when he told Sarai his wife to hide their relationship in order to blend in and save his neck.  I just wanted to fit in and that decision cost me dear, precious time I cannot regain.

My mind went back 26 years and I wept bitter tears as Chris sang his song but they turned to tears of hope and dedication as I prayed the lyrics to the Lord.  My question is this; does anyone in your everyday life recognize that you believe in Jesus Christ.  It is a simple but sobering question.  Lord let us live today like we wish we had in the past.

Thank you Lord for Chad Willmore,


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