Cut It Out

There is a common business proverb that seems to be contradictory but in fact is very accurate; “Addition by Subtraction.”  Let’s talk about that…

Minimalism tells us to relieve ourselves of the ‘unnecessary’ in order to make room for what could be more productive, enjoyable, or necessary.  This applies to living space, work, people and food.  When I was diagnosed with diabetes almost 3 months ago I made an immediate and decisive decision that I had to cut out certain foods that were leading me to a massive stroke or heart attack, according to my doctor.  Since that time I have found other foods that satisfy my hunger, keep me healthy and help me feel less weighted down in exhaustion and just blahhh.  It has lightened the load from my body and increased my energy.  I had to cut it out if I wanted to increase my life in all those ways.  Addition by Subtraction.

Matthew chapters 5 through 7 has been my spiritual stomping grounds lately.  I am studying it and God is stomping my toes.  Chapter 5 verses 27 through 30 deal with the common issues of physical immorality and the battle of our mind.  Verses 29 and 30 give us a very jarring command if our eyes and hands are uncontrollably bent on sin.  Jesus says pluck out our right eye or cut off our right hand if they offend us, or bring about sinful offence in our life.  Now, let’s be honest, we would be a lot of stumps rolling around if we physically cut off every part of us that had part of sinful struggle in our life.  But, let’s put this is spiritual scriptural context.

I John 2:15-17 says “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.  If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.  For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.  And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth forever” (KJB).  So, when Jesus specified our eyes, our hands (flesh), and our pride (mind), He was pinpointing our primary lustful members.   What are you trying to say, preacher?  I am saying we need to cut some things out so we can have ‘life more abundantly.’  Alcoholics do not quit drinking by only drinking every other day.  Smokers do not quit smoking by only smoking at night.  Addicts of all kinds must cut out the vise that is clogging up their life.

I am not going to give you any specific suggestions on what you should cut out of your life.  I will suggest that you ask and allow the Holy Ghost to point out those things you need to cut out.  Think about what comes into your life through your eyes, ears, mouth, and hands.  What is spiritually unnecessary?  What is physically hindering?  What is sucking the priceless irreplaceable time out of your daily life?  What sin is separating your fellowship with the Father from being all it could be?  Allow Him to help you cut them out and replace them with something that will lighten your load and increase your life.  Addition by Subtraction which allows beneficial Addition.

We Love You,


I have a Secret

I have a secret that I want to tell you about…

As I spent time hiding the Word in my heart this week I read in Matthew chapter 6.  Jesus is exposing the hypocritical Pharisee’s for their priority of outward appearances while harboring corrupt inner motives.  In the first 4 verses Jesus deals with their charitable practices.  They used the ‘good thing’ of giving to others to make a big to-do complete with a trumpeted announcement that they were about to be charitable.  Can you just hear it, Everyone get your cameras out and get ready to post a pic of these giants of God give a sandwich and a quarter to a hungry beggar all while wearing their new ‘I’m Humble’ gold lettered hoodies you can buy at the temple gift shop. Ah yes, that is how it would have been if it were today.  This is very tounge in cheek but apparently it is pretty accurate to what was going on.  They made it no secret what they were up to.

Jesus then turns to prayer.  Evidently, the ‘hypocrites’ were just as flamboyant about their prayer.  The Lord is very clear, there is no reward when the only time we pray is when someone else can hear it.  The Secret is in the secret place.  The Lord gave us several examples of his private prayer time.  He would often slip away and get alone with the Father in prayer.  He instructs us in verse 6 to enter into our closet.  There is usually only enough room for one and that room would be close to the floor.  Then, He tells us to shut the door.  There are things that He intends to be just between Him and the individual.  People used to keep private diaries or journals that they kept under lock and key.  Nowadays every fleeting thought we have ends up on facebook for the world to see.

My secret is this, I’ve got some big things that I am believing God for… and they are none of your business!  The most important things He talks to me about are just between us.  God has promised that if we will come to Him in our secret place, He will reward our trust and confidence in Him with a public reward.  He is not impressed with our personal marketing, social acceptance or network.  The Lord can do more than our social media kingdom of “friends” will ever be able to by liking and sharing.   What is your secret to getting things done?  Jesus told us that the Secret is in our Secret place with Him.

God Bless You,


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A Great Mother

Happy Mother’s Day!  If your mama is still with us our prayer is that you will get to connect with her in some way today and let her know how much she has meant to your life.  I know that I owe an unpayable debt to Debra Borden.  Let’s talk about a mother in the Bible for a minute…

In I Samuel chapter 4, the prophet of God Elisha had been given the gift of a prophets chamber by someone the Bible calls “a great woman” from Shunem.  She had been burdened and had convinced her husband to build a room onto their home for Elisha to stay when he came to their area. Great sacrifice. She had no children, but the preacher told her something unbelievable.  In verse 16 she was told that she would soon “embrace a son” of her own.  She did not want to trifled with or given a word that would not be kept but in verse 17 it came to pass.  What a Great blessing.  Through her faithful life and careful consideration of the man of God, the Lord gave her what she longed for most.  Great desire.

Then, when the baby grew up to a strong lad, he fell one day in work with a pain in his head and died suddenly.  That precious gift was taken away.  Her first reaction was to lay the child “on the bed of the man of God, and shut the door upon him,” and went to go find Elisha.  What thoughts, what heartache, what despair must have torn through her heart.  Great tragedy.  The disappointment of having no child was in no way as tragic of having one taken away at a young age.  She had not been a bad mother.  No doubt she raised that boy in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  As she began her journey to find Elisha someone questioned what she was doing and her reply was, “It shall be well.”  Great hope.

As she neared the prophet he sent word to her to see if she was okay.  Her reply was, “It is well.”  Somewhere while riding on the back of that donkey between a dead son and the miracle working man of God she had been reassured that the God who had come through in these days of famine would come through one more time.  Great faith.  In the end, Elisha went into that little prophets chamber where that boy lay dead and shut the door.  When the door opened again that boy was alive.  Great miracle.

What made that woman great?  She had a Great burden for the things of God and the Man of God.  She had a Great need only God could supply.  She had a Great tragedy only God could help her through.  She had a Great faith that all would be well, no matter what.  Then, she had a Great reward in a son that was raised from the dead.  What makes a mother Great is if she dedicates herself, her family and her faith to the Great God of heaven.  I say, God bless all the Great mothers I know today.

Happy Mother’s Day,



Good Sunday morning.  We hope and pray you are planning to make the most of this brand new day.  Hopefully you will experience something new in your life today, not just the same ole’ thing.  I will experience being 45 years old for the first time today.  45 years ago I was born and every day was a day of new experiences.  Lets talk about being born

We have lots of friends who have brand new babies in their house.  Little ones that are brand new blank slates full of all potential and promise.  A brand new life.  They are growing, learning, eating & drinking, breathing, and if time carries on, they will have children of their own.  There is evidence in the physical sense.  They will progress from milk to baby food to veggies to steak (Heb 5:12-14).  Progress.  They progress from onesies to toddler sizes to big boy clothes to suits & ties.  From baby shoes to size 12 football cleats. Progress is an evidence of life, that we have been born.  What is the evidence that you have been born again.

In the book of John chapter 3 verse 3 Jesus tells Nicodemus that if he wanted to see the kingdom of God he “must be born again.”  This confused the aged Pharisee.   He only thought of all the progress he had made as a human and it was impossible in his mind.  He was correct in one sense; Human progress has no bearing whatsoever when it comes to being Born again in Christ.  In fact, Jesus said in Matthew 18 that unless we “become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”  I got to witness that new birth this week when a middle aged man name Oscar was Born again.  He looked like a little boy who was in trouble but he found grace in the eyes of Christ!

I am asking you to be honest with yourself and with God.  Have your been Born again?  ‘But preacher, I have been going to church all my life.  I sing gospel music.  My husband is a preacher.  I attend conferences.  I know lots of Bible verses.’  Okay, but have you been Born again.  I know too many gospel singers who faced up to the fact that they had sung for years without being saved.  I also personally know of a youthful, cancer survivor, mother of two who was raised a preachers daughter and became a preachers wife but in November 2012 pushed passed me in the pew with these words, “I just don’t know!”  My birthday buddy wife was a lost preachers wife.  But not any more! Praise the Lord! Oh, GLORY!  Scuse’ me for a minute while I have a spell!  SHewee what a Savior!

Are your Born of the Spirit?  If you are you will show evidence of progress.  I you are not you can.  All things can become new (II Cor 5:17).  If you would like to know how to do that call me (615.785.5826) and I will show you in the Bible how you can be Born again.  Go to church this morning and don’t wait till the invitation.  Go straight to the pastor and tell him you want to be saved.  If you are lost we are praying for you.  If you are Born again we pray you will tell someone else.



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