I have a secret that I want to tell you about…

As I spent time hiding the Word in my heart this week I read in Matthew chapter 6.  Jesus is exposing the hypocritical Pharisee’s for their priority of outward appearances while harboring corrupt inner motives.  In the first 4 verses Jesus deals with their charitable practices.  They used the ‘good thing’ of giving to others to make a big to-do complete with a trumpeted announcement that they were about to be charitable.  Can you just hear it, Everyone get your cameras out and get ready to post a pic of these giants of God give a sandwich and a quarter to a hungry beggar all while wearing their new ‘I’m Humble’ gold lettered hoodies you can buy at the temple gift shop. Ah yes, that is how it would have been if it were today.  This is very tounge in cheek but apparently it is pretty accurate to what was going on.  They made it no secret what they were up to.

Jesus then turns to prayer.  Evidently, the ‘hypocrites’ were just as flamboyant about their prayer.  The Lord is very clear, there is no reward when the only time we pray is when someone else can hear it.  The Secret is in the secret place.  The Lord gave us several examples of his private prayer time.  He would often slip away and get alone with the Father in prayer.  He instructs us in verse 6 to enter into our closet.  There is usually only enough room for one and that room would be close to the floor.  Then, He tells us to shut the door.  There are things that He intends to be just between Him and the individual.  People used to keep private diaries or journals that they kept under lock and key.  Nowadays every fleeting thought we have ends up on facebook for the world to see.

My secret is this, I’ve got some big things that I am believing God for… and they are none of your business!  The most important things He talks to me about are just between us.  God has promised that if we will come to Him in our secret place, He will reward our trust and confidence in Him with a public reward.  He is not impressed with our personal marketing, social acceptance or network.  The Lord can do more than our social media kingdom of “friends” will ever be able to by liking and sharing.   What is your secret to getting things done?  Jesus told us that the Secret is in our Secret place with Him.

God Bless You,


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