Happy Mother’s Day!  If your mama is still with us our prayer is that you will get to connect with her in some way today and let her know how much she has meant to your life.  I know that I owe an unpayable debt to Debra Borden.  Let’s talk about a mother in the Bible for a minute…

In I Samuel chapter 4, the prophet of God Elisha had been given the gift of a prophets chamber by someone the Bible calls “a great woman” from Shunem.  She had been burdened and had convinced her husband to build a room onto their home for Elisha to stay when he came to their area. Great sacrifice. She had no children, but the preacher told her something unbelievable.  In verse 16 she was told that she would soon “embrace a son” of her own.  She did not want to trifled with or given a word that would not be kept but in verse 17 it came to pass.  What a Great blessing.  Through her faithful life and careful consideration of the man of God, the Lord gave her what she longed for most.  Great desire.

Then, when the baby grew up to a strong lad, he fell one day in work with a pain in his head and died suddenly.  That precious gift was taken away.  Her first reaction was to lay the child “on the bed of the man of God, and shut the door upon him,” and went to go find Elisha.  What thoughts, what heartache, what despair must have torn through her heart.  Great tragedy.  The disappointment of having no child was in no way as tragic of having one taken away at a young age.  She had not been a bad mother.  No doubt she raised that boy in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  As she began her journey to find Elisha someone questioned what she was doing and her reply was, “It shall be well.”  Great hope.

As she neared the prophet he sent word to her to see if she was okay.  Her reply was, “It is well.”  Somewhere while riding on the back of that donkey between a dead son and the miracle working man of God she had been reassured that the God who had come through in these days of famine would come through one more time.  Great faith.  In the end, Elisha went into that little prophets chamber where that boy lay dead and shut the door.  When the door opened again that boy was alive.  Great miracle.

What made that woman great?  She had a Great burden for the things of God and the Man of God.  She had a Great need only God could supply.  She had a Great tragedy only God could help her through.  She had a Great faith that all would be well, no matter what.  Then, she had a Great reward in a son that was raised from the dead.  What makes a mother Great is if she dedicates herself, her family and her faith to the Great God of heaven.  I say, God bless all the Great mothers I know today.

Happy Mother’s Day,


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