Personal Revival

Our hope and prayer is that the promises, presence and prospects of the Lord have given your heart cheer and the spirit of revival in this week.  We often do not realize that being re-vived is a personal experience.  Let’s talk about that…

Psalm 85 verse 6 asks a very sobering question, “Wilt thou not revive us again…” The writer makes that statement with a matter of uncertainty but undergirded by a hope that He will.  Revival is not a set of dates on a calendar or a visiting preacher coming to a church to preach on ordinary week nights.  It is not about a tent, a theme or a time set aside.  Being revived is the spiritual CPR that brings our listless heart back to life from its’ lax condition.  So the question is, what would prevent us from revival?  Why wouldn’t God revive us?

There are things that can ignite our sense of being alive such as a glorious sight (Ps4:4, Is 6:1-5) but what might prevent that?  I fear we are NOT IN AWE OF THE SAVIOR.  The fear of the night can heighten our senses and make us realize our complete senses, but I fear we are NOT AWARE OF OUR DARKENED CONDITION (Eph 4:18, II Cor 3:14, I Jn 2:11).  When we find ourselves with a cause, or a need to fight (our flesh) our juices can begin to flow more than normal, but I fear that we are NOT ALARMED BY SIN (Ezra 9:5-6, Joel 2:1, Jer 6:15)!  Those moments that we must stand for right cause us to plant our feet and stand our ground but I fear we are NOT ABOUT OUR FATHER’S BUSINESS (Lu 2:49, Jn 9:4, Mk 16:15).  What could revive us?  What is preventing revival?

What is preventing you from having personal revival?  I do not know what it is for you but in these last days we cannot let anything prevent us from being spiritually alive to the fullest. Psalm 85 explains it; v1-6) When we turn our heart to the savior then revival can come.  How do we walk Re-Vived; v9) In His Salvation, v10) Remember our First Love, v11) Live Right, v12) Bear Fruit, v13) Walk With Him.

Wilt God Revive YOU again?  Is He able, yes.  Are you willing?

God Bless You,



Revival services at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Sardis AL

Hello friends, we wanted to share some videos of our revival services at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Sardis AL this week. We hope they can be a help to you.



The Lord Remembers

Our hope and earnest prayer is that the Lord has answered your heartfelt sacrificial prayers.  You know, He keeps those tears you have shed in prayer in a bottle and a book of remembrance (Ps 56:8).  Let’s talk a little bit about that…

One of my favorite accounts of the Bible is Hannah’s prayer in I Samuel chapter 1.  She is trapped in a circumstance where it seems the wicked prevail and she has been left out in the cold.  So, she prays.  She weeps sorely, her soul is bitter… but, she lifts up a serious prayer.  It is a specific prayer for a son.  But, it is also a sacrificial prayer because she is determined to bring that boy child to the temple of God and give him unto the service of God.  Verse 19 tells us that The Lord Remembered her.

Do you realize that even though that The Lord might seem like he has left you alone, forgotten your prayers and left you with no hope of relief He has never forgotten anything or anyone.  He Remembers.  He remembers what He has promised in His Word. He remembers when you asked Him to save you.  He remembers every time you have cried out in the depths of night with a broken heart and a contrite spirit (Ps 38:14).  My Lord Remembers!

There is, however, one thing that the Lord does not remember; our confessed and forgiven sin.  Somebody ought to shout and wake the neighbors over that!  He Remembers our sin no more (Jer 31:34, Ps 103:12, Micah 7:19…)  All those sins, trespasses, transgressions and iniquities He puts into the sea of forgetfulness never to bring them up again.  Look into Hebrews 11 and see if there is any shred of the heinous sins that those heroes of the faith committed ever mentioned.  Grace covered it all and the Lord remembers them no more.

There is one other thing that the Lord will not remember; who He never knew.  Matthew 7:21-23 tells us of the Great White Throne Judgement (Rev 20:14) where the wicked dead will be judged for their sin and what they did with Jesus Christ.  Many will have lists of things they did in His name but if they never accepted the free gift of salvation then the Father will say, “I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”  Be someone that the Lord remembers. Pray prayers that the Lord will remember.  Trust that when you pass through the veil of death, you may not remember your child’s name but God will remember you.

God Bless You!


One Generation to Another

The Bible tells us in Psalm 107:2 “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.”  Our hope and prayer is that you have told another generation about the mighty works of God this week.  Let’s talk about that…

Our family has just finished four straight weeks of camps. There were two weeks at the North Georgia School of Gospel Music ( where they learned the rudiments and kids were redeemed. 178 campers came to sing but  around 7 also ended up saved.  Once we reached the month of July it was time for the Power of Two Junior camp and Teen camp back to back (  All told, with 700+ campers plus workers attending the two camps, there were 48 saved and around 5 young men called to preach.  That kind of saturation cannot help but affect your life.

On the final night of PO2 the Holy ghost directed things in a very serious somber direction.  The presence of God was heavy and challenging as one by one men gave directive testimony of how God can change a life from hopeless to Heavenly guided.  Those words came from men as young as 14 year old preacher boy Aaron Trask, who serves with his family as missionaries in the jungles of Honduras, to men like Brother Lee Davis, Dean McNeese, and Eric Brown, Stacy Pearcy on up to the legendary Brother Sammy Allen.

As I soaked it all in the Lord directed me to a Psalm that I had prayed through at the beginning of the service.  Chapter 145 verse 4 was coming to life before my eyes.  “One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts.”  Our minds might want to read that it is an ‘older generation’ who tells a younger but that is not what it says.  The Lord impressed to me that it could just be a younger remnant who has to tell an older generation who has gone off the rails what God has done in their lives.  Could it be that the younger generation has to tell my generation that old time religion still works, it still reaches young people, it still saves and changes lives.  There have been times that a younger generation has taken up the standard when the older let it drop into liberalism, compromise and pacification.  Samuel had to tell Eli, Joseph had to tell his older brothers, David had to proclaim to his older brothers that there was still “A Cause.”    Young Timothy had to preach to an older generation in Ephesus, and a 12 year old Jesus spoke words that amazed all the aged men that listened in the synagogue.

As you go forth into the world I exhort you to tell another generation of His mighty acts and praise His works.  Tell that crowd you stand before today, tell your children, tell your parents, tell your teachers, tell your elderly loved ones, tell your co-workers, tell your Sunday school class, just Tell Another Generation while there is still time.

God Bless You!


Get Your Own

Our prayer is that you have lived out the purpose and plan that the Lord has laid before you this week.  How wondrous is the tapestry of our interwoven lives that He has stitched together.  We all have our own thread that He uses to bring the beauty of His handiwork together.  It is all our own.  Let’s talk about that…

I was drawn to  read this week in John 21 where we find that Jesus has shown Himself to the disciples after the resurrection.  The crucifixion has past, the burial of Jesus was performed, He arose as promised and now He has been seen very much alive and well.  How amazing it must have been for the disciples to witness all of this.  I can only imagine how they processed it all in their minds.  But, now what?  He has not given the great commission yet and they have not been filled with the Holy Ghost at Pentecost.  They are in an in-between time where things can get confusing.  Peter says something every country boy thinks about throughout these summer days, “I go a fishing.”  Remember, he and many of his cohorts were professional fishermen before Jesus said, Follow Me.  It seemed the only option for him I suppose.  I want to give you something to think about today and you tell me what you come up with.

When Peter launched out in verse 2 with nets in tow he also took at least 6 other men in the boat.  A bad day fishing is better than a good day working, except if fishing is your work.  They had not caught one single fish all night.  From the shore Jesus calls out inquiring of their progress.  Unknowing whose voice it was, they replied that they had come up with a goose egg, “0”!  This voice from the shore advises to cast the nets on the right side.  WHY NOT!  Well, they went from nothing to nets full in a matter of moments.  Now, notice this.  John the beloved, writer of this book of the Bible, realizes this is the voice of Jesus but Peter did not catch it.  Peter is, for some reason, fishing naked. So, he covers himself and heads to shore where Jesus is waiting with breakfast.

So far, Peter has walked away, taken others with him, not recognized the voice of God, and is naked.  Not a good score card so far.  Then after breakfast Jesus asks Peter the same question three times and gives an direct instruction on what He wants him to do.  Many times I wish I could hear the voice of God that clearly.  Then, Jesus gives Peter a direct prophecy about his future and what he will face in his later years.  Again, if I could know something like that directly from the lips of Jesus I’d do an Irish jig!  Jesus then makes this statement in verse 19, “Follow Me”, and Peter looks over at John and asks Jesus, “and what shall this man do?”  Jesus’ answer, “what is that to thee?”  In plain southern English that means, Mind Your Own Business and Get Your Own.  Jesus had a work for Peter and He had a work for John, but Peter was more interested in what Jesus would do with John.

Here is my message today.  Hey, Get Your Own.  Church member, don’t worry about what God is doing with someone else, Get Your Own.  Preacher, don’t worry about what God is doing with another preacher, Get Your Own.  Hey singer, don’t worry about how successful someone else is, Get Your Own.  Hey Sunday School teacher, don’t worry about what other classes are doing, Get Your Own.  Laymen and little ones, don’t worry about how God is using someone else, Get Your Own.  Now, you say, Preacher, what are you talking about?  Two things; Peter was not thankful that God had given him direct instruction, direction and prediction, and then, I believe we can spot a bit of jealousy in Peter toward John.

I will leave you with this.  Peter walked away from ministry for a moment and led others with him.  He could not discern the voice of God because he was always talking himself.  He ended up going back to something Jesus had called him away from and ended up naked.  Peter became frustrated at the probing self analyzing questions from Jesus and totally missed what God was revealing to him personally.  Finally, his focus was not on what Jesus said to him but what He was going to say to another disciple.  We have prayer and a Bible.  We can know what God says to us and can accomplish what God does through us.  Don’t worry about what God is saying or doing with someone else.  Get Your Own!  I will leave it right there for you to digest.

God Bless You!



Give Me… or Make Me

Our hope and prayer for you today is that the Lord is continually making and molding you into who He needs you to be.  Let’s talk about that…

A couple of weeks ago we were at Teay’s Valley Baptist in Hurricane, WV for their Camp Meeting.  Brother Randy Hobbs from New Hope Baptist in Burlington, NC preached the paint off the walls for 20 minutes at the Saturday morning prayer breakfast.  In a passing comment, he mentioned a very intriguing fact about the parable of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15.  He pointed out that the son told his father in verse 12 “give me” when he was leaving home with all his stuff, but, when that same son returned in verse 19 he approached his father with a different statement.  He said, make me as one of thy hired servants.  THAT IS POWERFUL.

I shared this thought in a devotional for some of the young ladies at the North GA School of Gospel Music this past Monday night.  They are the fruit of a generation who have gotten more than their parents, who got more than their parents, and so forth.  Due to societal expectations and the entitlement agenda they have as a whole become the “give me” generation.  This is not entirely their fault.  Parents go into credit card debt up to their eyeballs in order to appease their kids and meet up to the quota’s of all their peer groups.  We cannot embarrass them by not giving them everything.  I posed a question to the young ladies.  How would their parents react if this year when their parents asked what they wanted for Christmas their reply was, “Nothing, I have more than enough.”  Their response was shock, gasps, giggles and outright angered offence.  The point is not the stuff.  This translates to how we approach God with prayer and the life He has given us.

“The Lord will give us the desires of our heart” is one of the most misused partial verses in the whole of scripture (Ps 37:4).  I fear more often than not, we have portrayed the Lord as a heavenly barber.  “Lord, A little off the top, close on the sides, short sideburns, and cover up my bald spot, Thanks.”  Then we sit there and expect it to all turn out perfect just the way we requested it.  Give Me my stuff when I want it, how I want it, where I want it, and as much as I want it.  I have been that give me child of God.  But what we discover is that stuff and all that stuff we think we cannot live without ends up coming up short, losing its value or showing itself just to be unsatisfying.  We think we can Make our life better than The Creator.

In Genesis 1, The Lord spoke the words “Let there be” nine times and everything that is created was created from nothing. It takes us nine swings just to hit one good golf drive, nine attempts to make a good pound cake, nine arrangements to make the furniture in our living room just so.  It takes nine tries to get some ladies in an outfit to go to church Sunday morning.  The question I posed to those young ladies Monday night is the same one I pose to you.  Who is better at making things?  God made the human brain.  He made the optic miracle of an eye.  Who is better at making things? Us or Him?

If God can make anything out of nothing, then can’t we trust Him to Make Us much better than we can make ourselves.  We have heard the phrase, “self-made man or woman.”  The effort is admirable but the truth is we have the creative power of bacteria in comparison to the creator of all.  But, we say, “If I could just have… then I’d be happy.”  Is it a thing, a career, a position, a person?  Let us Give up on Give Me and Make up our minds that we need God to Make Us who he wants us to be.  If we do that then we will find that His ways are above our ways and His thoughts are above our thoughts (Is 55:9).  He has better plans, better methods, better results.  Let us let Him Make Us and we can trust Him to Give Us more than we can imagine or ask for (Eph 3:20).

God Bless You,