Our hope and prayer is that the promises, presence and prospects of the Lord have given your heart cheer and the spirit of revival in this week.  We often do not realize that being re-vived is a personal experience.  Let’s talk about that…

Psalm 85 verse 6 asks a very sobering question, “Wilt thou not revive us again…” The writer makes that statement with a matter of uncertainty but undergirded by a hope that He will.  Revival is not a set of dates on a calendar or a visiting preacher coming to a church to preach on ordinary week nights.  It is not about a tent, a theme or a time set aside.  Being revived is the spiritual CPR that brings our listless heart back to life from its’ lax condition.  So the question is, what would prevent us from revival?  Why wouldn’t God revive us?

There are things that can ignite our sense of being alive such as a glorious sight (Ps4:4, Is 6:1-5) but what might prevent that?  I fear we are NOT IN AWE OF THE SAVIOR.  The fear of the night can heighten our senses and make us realize our complete senses, but I fear we are NOT AWARE OF OUR DARKENED CONDITION (Eph 4:18, II Cor 3:14, I Jn 2:11).  When we find ourselves with a cause, or a need to fight (our flesh) our juices can begin to flow more than normal, but I fear that we are NOT ALARMED BY SIN (Ezra 9:5-6, Joel 2:1, Jer 6:15)!  Those moments that we must stand for right cause us to plant our feet and stand our ground but I fear we are NOT ABOUT OUR FATHER’S BUSINESS (Lu 2:49, Jn 9:4, Mk 16:15).  What could revive us?  What is preventing revival?

What is preventing you from having personal revival?  I do not know what it is for you but in these last days we cannot let anything prevent us from being spiritually alive to the fullest. Psalm 85 explains it; v1-6) When we turn our heart to the savior then revival can come.  How do we walk Re-Vived; v9) In His Salvation, v10) Remember our First Love, v11) Live Right, v12) Bear Fruit, v13) Walk With Him.

Wilt God Revive YOU again?  Is He able, yes.  Are you willing?

God Bless You,



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