We hope and pray that you are finding the riches of God’s grace enriching your life.  I am thinking today of the old Easter Brothers song, Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me.  That line that goes, “They think I have nothing, But they are so wrong…” resonates in my soul like a shout in the halls of my heart.  The question is, what have I lost to gain the riches of God’s grace.  Let’s talk about that…

Over in the gospel of Luke chapter 18 we find that Jesus is approached by a rich young ruler who zealously pleaded for an answer of how to ‘inherit eternal life.’  After establishing his self righteousness in obeying the commandments, the young man is disheartened at the prospects of giving away the monetary physical wealth that he has acquired in exchange for heavenly treasure that would await.  We know that Jesus doesn’t save us by any work or physical sacrifice, but, he also never promised that our life would stay the same once we give our lives to Him.  The context is in serving Jesus.  In the following verses Jesus’ disciples also wondered what their reward would be for setting aside there worldly pursuits and family engagements in order to follow everywhere Jesus led.  Jesus assured them that there certainly is a just reward in this world and in eternity for those who are unafraid of what they might lose in this life to serve Him (v30).

In complementary context, Jesus exhorts all who will hear in Matthew 10 not to be afraid of various situations.  Verse 9 suggests that we not be afraid of losing money to follow.  Some one said, What can you be afraid to lose that you do not have?  In verse 14 Jesus tells us not to fear the rejection of any man.  Verse 19 instructs us not to be afraid of what we will say when we are called to give an answer for the hope that lies within (I Pet 3:15) when we are put on the spot for our faith.  One of the greatest fears the Lord addressed in verse 26 is the fear of what our family, friend or foe will think, do or say when we make the decision to follow Jesus Christ to the fullest and farthest.  Old Job (Job 13:15) knew no fear of what Jesus dispelled in verse 28, the fear of losing our mortal lives.  Finally, in verse 31 the Lord advises us to cease from our fear that what we do or who we are is not valued or valuable to God.

The summation of the message of chapter 10 is in verse 39.  “He that findeth his life shall lose it; and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.”   Oh, the freedom we find when we are liberated from the fear of losing.  When we release our hold on what shackles our service we are opened up to the wide spectrum of a life that is dependent and directed by the perfect will of God from where we will draw all heaven sent calling, courage, character, companions, and, if you will, cash when we need it.

What are you afraid to lose?  What or who is holding you back?  What could the Lord Jesus Christ do with your life if you would let go of what you are afraid to lose?  I am a Loser who gained more than I could have ever imagined.

God Bless You,


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