Get Somewhere

Many of our Gospel music friends will be travelling tonight and tomorrow toward the natural wonder that is the Smoky Mountains.  Specifically, to the LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for the National Quartet Convention.  The A-Team will join you later in the week.  I made it a goal of my young life to Get There someday and I did. But, I was really supposed to be somewhere else.  Let’s talk about that.

Tim Riley used to have this saying when you were somewhere in the wrong place at the wrong time and mainly in his entire way.  It went something like this; think cruise ship horn, bull elephant and tuba… “Get SomeWHERE!”  When the shockwave hit you there was no thought of what to do. Your body just got somewhere else till your brain could figure out where you ended up but you were definitely somewhere else.

Jonah was a man that God wanted to go somewhere (Jonah 1:1-3).  Jonah, however had no intentions of going there.  He had his own set of reasons, rationale and running that would take him as far away as possible from where he was supposed to be.  It took quite a bit of harrowing life experience for Jonah to come around (read chapter 1).  Then in chapter 2 Jonah came to where he thought God’s idea was a great one.  The Word of God came through the Man of God and an entire regime and region came unto repentance and avoided destruction (read chapter 3).  Jonah had to get somewhere that God could use him in the way God wanted to use him.

It makes me think of an old black angus cow that I was helping my buddy, Ron Gilbert try to get into the right pasture after Irma blew through and got his herd all discombobulated.  She had gotten separated from her calf in a separate pasture and was highly agitated.  That ole mama cow did not know that all we were trying to do was get her somewhere that she would be much happier and doing what she was supposed to do with the cows she was supposed to be with.  She was having nothing of it.  She thought she knew where she was going and she sure didn’t need any of our kind of help.  Finally, Ron said, “Eh, just leave her in here. She’ll either figure it out or she can just stay in here but I’m not chasing her any more today.”  

Isn’t just like the children of God sometimes.  We have it in our mind that we know what is best, where will be best and when it will be best but usually we end up running back and forth against a fence that separates us from where we are really supposed to be.  If we would only allow the shepherd to show us the right gate to walk through we would be much better off.  Get Somewhere that God wants you to be or where you thought you wanted to be might just end up feeling like the belly of a whale, cramped, uncomfortable and separated from the security of His perfect will.

I pray this often: “Lord, let your will be done through me and not in spite of me.”

God Bless You!



With two of the most powerful and destructive hurricanes in recorded history in our rear view mirror, the retelling of harrowing accounts of wind, rain, flooding, trees down and loss of electricity are numerous.  The first question most folks in our area are asking is, “Is your power back on yet?”  One lady posted a statement that struck me.  She realized how much she took for granted the simple task of flipping a light switch when she walked into a room.  It was her minds’ boggle that if she just kept flipping the switch, somehow the power would come back on.  Let’s talk about that…

In the Old Testament book of Judges chapters 13 through 15 we read about the powerful Sampson.  His supernatural strength was awe inspiring and effective.  That power was directly tied to a vow of sanctification his parents made unto the Lord that he would be a Nazarite (ch13:5). But Sampson dabbled in wickedness and swam off into open sin.  He broke so many of the vows that his office as judge and Nazarite required.  But, there was one thing that retained the power to conquer and overcome anyone or anything at any time.  One night he laid his head in the lap of that wicked temptress, Delilah.  He teased her thinking he was unstoppable and all powerful.  Then in chapter 16 verse 17 he told her the secret of his Power.  As he slept his head was shaved and Sampson’s power left him.

Verse 20 has come to my mind many times over the years when someone found themselves in a sin-weakened condition.  It says that Sampson “awoke out of his sleep, and said, I will go out as other times before, and shake myself.”  But not this time.  Average men took him captive and put out Sampson’s eyes.  His Power was gone and he would be in darkness till the day he died.

Will we wake today and head to church this Sunday morning as so many times before, shake ourselves, and expect the Power to be there like flipping a switch, having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof (II Tim 3:1-5).  Can we know the Power of God in Sunday school, in the choir, in the pew, at the piano, with a mic in our hand, behind the pulpit, without living an obedient life that distances itself from sin and the snares of temptation.  Can we dabble in wickedness through the week and expect the Power on Sunday.  NO. Period.  Can we know the Power without prayer, purity or preparation.  No.  Just like that transformer on the pole out by your house sends Power to the circuits of your home, giving light, we must be tapped into the transforming power source, the Lord Jesus Christ, to have the light and power.  We hope and pray that your power is on.

God Bless You!


The Storm

Our prayer this morning is turned toward those who in the path of impending destruction.  It is said that in the life of a Christian we are coming out of a storm, in the midst of a storm or headed into one.  Hurricane Harvey and now Irma, have gotten the majority of our attention lately.  They show us how powerless we are in the face of such destruction.  We can only do what we can to prepare or get out of the way before the destruction comes.  Let’s talk about that…

In anticipation of arrival of the storm we become affixed to the weather alerts.  There are the initial signs of a storm, the qualifications of its strength, the historical perspective which shows what is possible path, and then the undeniable destruction that will come no matter what.  If the wind doesn’t get you, the debris it carries might.  If not that, then the storm surge will overpower those in its wake.  I have heard governors and law enforcement people say things like, “It is coming.  If you stay past the evacuation you are on your own.  Don’t call 911 because we are not coming to help you.”  YET, some choose to sit tight and ride it out though they may lose their life.  For what??  Stuff? Stubbornness? Stupidity? Silliness?

These storms and the recent eclipse have caused some to look up and possibly look toward heaven for answers, comfort and protection.  Nahum 1:3 says “The Lord is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the Lord hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet.”  Almighty God is trying every way possible to get the attention of people, but sadly many will not heed the warnings.

There is a day coming when I plan to be evacuated from earth (I Thes 4:15-18).  Thank the Lord we will not be traveling on an interstate to glory.  When the destruction of the tribulation sweeps over the whole earth, I will be safely in the shelter of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Just as sure as hurricanes strike land, the prophecy of the tribulation will one day become a physical reality and no one in it’s path will be spared from the destructive power that will be unleashed.  It will not be isolated to a certain region and there will be no way of escape for those who did not listen to the warnings (II Thes 2:7-12).  There will certainly be no party to ride out that storm.  It will be too late to call on God because for those who heard the warnings, He’s not coming until he comes in power to destroy all the armies of the earth under the direction of Satan himself (Zech 12, Joel 2, Mt 24:27-31, Rev 19).

Oh, that we would be have sleepless nights and tears over the lost all around us who are headed for a much greater destruction.  God, help us to call at all hours and plead for the lost to get out of the way of the storm.  HEED THIS WARNING!!  You might make it through a hurricane but you will not make it through the tribulation.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

We Love You, God Bless you!



The Word

Our hope is that the Word of God has been your guide and stay.  We pray the song is your heart has been birthed from the inerrant Word of the Almighty God of heaven.  Let’s talk about that…

Friday night we had the extreme privilege to see the Whisnant’s close to our home.  What a wonderful time of refreshing and fellowship with some of the best people we know of anywhere.  As they sang song after song our hearts were filled to overflowing.  I looked at Addy and, as she always does, she was writing down the set list for the night.  She keeps them at every singing we go to as one her treasures.  The thought came to my mind; This is not just a good time of entertainment, it is an valuable investment in the lives of our daughters.  What do I mean?  They will never forget those gospel singings just I never have.  We take them to church, revivals, music and youth camps that all have one common denominator; The Word of God is the foundation.

I thought about all the songs the Whisnant’s sung that night and I believe that without exception, they all have their inspiration from a true scriptural foundation.  The songs come from the Word.  Then the Holy Ghost whispered to my heart; When you take your girls to church, to camp, and revivals they get the Bible.  But, if  you were to let them get their music from the carnal world, what would that tell them?  It reminded me how important it is to make sure that the investments we place into our family and our individual lives are based in The Word.

John 1:1 says, “In the beginning was the Word”.  Everything in our life has a beginning.  Every life begins with birth.  Every relationship begins with an introduction.  Every career begins with a hiring.  Every tendency of habit began with a first try.  Every word we speak begins with a thought.  Every appetite begins with a taste.  Every fight begins with the flesh.  Every song and book begins with a writer’s inspiration.  What if we could look back on life and say that every aspect of our life began with a true foundation of The Word of God.  I sure wish I could look back and say that.  But, I can say that the most successful and satisfying parts of my life have birthed in the truth of scripture and bathed in prayer.  The Word was my beginning, and it will be my end.

Can we say that?  Is the Word the beginning for our life?  If we are honest, that may not be the case, but today is a new day.  What a perfect time to adjust, align and apply The Word to every part of our life.

God Bless You,