Our hope is that the Word of God has been your guide and stay.  We pray the song is your heart has been birthed from the inerrant Word of the Almighty God of heaven.  Let’s talk about that…

Friday night we had the extreme privilege to see the Whisnant’s close to our home.  What a wonderful time of refreshing and fellowship with some of the best people we know of anywhere.  As they sang song after song our hearts were filled to overflowing.  I looked at Addy and, as she always does, she was writing down the set list for the night.  She keeps them at every singing we go to as one her treasures.  The thought came to my mind; This is not just a good time of entertainment, it is an valuable investment in the lives of our daughters.  What do I mean?  They will never forget those gospel singings just I never have.  We take them to church, revivals, music and youth camps that all have one common denominator; The Word of God is the foundation.

I thought about all the songs the Whisnant’s sung that night and I believe that without exception, they all have their inspiration from a true scriptural foundation.  The songs come from the Word.  Then the Holy Ghost whispered to my heart; When you take your girls to church, to camp, and revivals they get the Bible.  But, if  you were to let them get their music from the carnal world, what would that tell them?  It reminded me how important it is to make sure that the investments we place into our family and our individual lives are based in The Word.

John 1:1 says, “In the beginning was the Word”.  Everything in our life has a beginning.  Every life begins with birth.  Every relationship begins with an introduction.  Every career begins with a hiring.  Every tendency of habit began with a first try.  Every word we speak begins with a thought.  Every appetite begins with a taste.  Every fight begins with the flesh.  Every song and book begins with a writer’s inspiration.  What if we could look back on life and say that every aspect of our life began with a true foundation of The Word of God.  I sure wish I could look back and say that.  But, I can say that the most successful and satisfying parts of my life have birthed in the truth of scripture and bathed in prayer.  The Word was my beginning, and it will be my end.

Can we say that?  Is the Word the beginning for our life?  If we are honest, that may not be the case, but today is a new day.  What a perfect time to adjust, align and apply The Word to every part of our life.

God Bless You,


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