Our prayer this morning is turned toward those who in the path of impending destruction.  It is said that in the life of a Christian we are coming out of a storm, in the midst of a storm or headed into one.  Hurricane Harvey and now Irma, have gotten the majority of our attention lately.  They show us how powerless we are in the face of such destruction.  We can only do what we can to prepare or get out of the way before the destruction comes.  Let’s talk about that…

In anticipation of arrival of the storm we become affixed to the weather alerts.  There are the initial signs of a storm, the qualifications of its strength, the historical perspective which shows what is possible path, and then the undeniable destruction that will come no matter what.  If the wind doesn’t get you, the debris it carries might.  If not that, then the storm surge will overpower those in its wake.  I have heard governors and law enforcement people say things like, “It is coming.  If you stay past the evacuation you are on your own.  Don’t call 911 because we are not coming to help you.”  YET, some choose to sit tight and ride it out though they may lose their life.  For what??  Stuff? Stubbornness? Stupidity? Silliness?

These storms and the recent eclipse have caused some to look up and possibly look toward heaven for answers, comfort and protection.  Nahum 1:3 says “The Lord is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the Lord hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet.”  Almighty God is trying every way possible to get the attention of people, but sadly many will not heed the warnings.

There is a day coming when I plan to be evacuated from earth (I Thes 4:15-18).  Thank the Lord we will not be traveling on an interstate to glory.  When the destruction of the tribulation sweeps over the whole earth, I will be safely in the shelter of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Just as sure as hurricanes strike land, the prophecy of the tribulation will one day become a physical reality and no one in it’s path will be spared from the destructive power that will be unleashed.  It will not be isolated to a certain region and there will be no way of escape for those who did not listen to the warnings (II Thes 2:7-12).  There will certainly be no party to ride out that storm.  It will be too late to call on God because for those who heard the warnings, He’s not coming until he comes in power to destroy all the armies of the earth under the direction of Satan himself (Zech 12, Joel 2, Mt 24:27-31, Rev 19).

Oh, that we would be have sleepless nights and tears over the lost all around us who are headed for a much greater destruction.  God, help us to call at all hours and plead for the lost to get out of the way of the storm.  HEED THIS WARNING!!  You might make it through a hurricane but you will not make it through the tribulation.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

We Love You, God Bless you!



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