We are here, once again standing in the threshold of a stable, peering into a manger where lies a baby, a son, a Savior which is Christ the Lord.  Out on the hillsides of Judaea an unnamed, unnumbered assembly of shepherds heard the words from the angel of the Lord, “I bring you good tidings of great JOY, which shall be to all people.” I add emphasis simply to acknowledge the key factor to the divine benefit of a soul that is saved by grace; JOY!!!  Let us look at Luke 2:10 in our King James Bible and gather up our red-backed Church Hymnal this Christmas Eve and turn to…

Page 408 “Joy to the World”

Joy is what had been missing in the world.  400 years of silence from the throne room of Heaven was broken with the sound of a child’s cries of deliverance into a cold world who would either believe or not.  The deliverance of Joy to this world was of such an importance that the angel of the Lord made the announcement Himself. [parenthetical thought:  If we study in our King James Bible, the instances that “the angel” is used versus “an angel”, we can see that “the angel” was always the person of the Son of God (Genesis 16, 22, Exodus 3, Numbers 22, Judges 6, I Kings 1, 19, Zechariah 1, Matthew 1, 2, Luke 1, 2).  So, that means that The Lord informed Mary and Joseph of His coming birth (Matthew 1, Luke 1).  That also means the first Christmas night The Lord was giving His own announcement to the shepherds while The Lord was lying in a manger.  I Love The God That Blows My Mind!]  The announcement was Joy!  The promise was Joy!  The prophetic fulfilment was Joy! The prospects  for the future were Joy! The good tidings to all people of the entire world for all generations was Joy!

Joy to the World!  The angel said it would be to all people.  It is available if accepted.  It can be the enrichment of the empty.   I believe according to the scriptures and testified within my own life, that Joy has been what I have possessed in the lowest moments when happiness was not an option.  Joy healed us through heartbreak.  Joy carried us through cancer.  Joy keeps us from cracking up.   Nehemiah told us “the joy of the Lord is your strength” (8:10).  Joy, great Joy that was birthed from a Bethlehem manger brings a smile when there is no sunshine.  To understand that I have a King when there is no honorable politician to be found gives Joy.  The whole of creation and heaven which is His throne, sings with unbridled Joy!  The glories of His righteousness, And wonders of His love are the fruit of this Joy amidst the sin cursed, thorn infested ground, afar as the curse is found. 

It was Joy that a virgin girl betrothed to a carpenter brought into this world.   His own joy (Hebrews 12:2) was what helped Jesus look past the curse of a cross to the moment He would sit at the right hand of the throne to ever make intercession for us.  What Joy can spring up in a heart that might be down when we take our time in His words to see how He loved us, loves us, thinks about us, cares about us, wants to talk with us and listen to our every plea.

Joy was the announcement! Joy is our abundance!  Joy can be our countenance in spite of circumstance.  Joy is our companion without comparison.  Joy can be our expression without logical explanation.  Joy should be our distinction to the difference between those who serve the Savior and the lost without hope.  Indeed, shepherds on the lonely forgotten hillsides of a back country, Joy is what He brings! Joy is who He IS!  JOY TO THE WORLD!

Merry Christmas!

BroAdamB and all the A-Team, Angel, Abigail & Adelyn

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