It’s that time again.  That time when time begins again.  A fresh start, a clean slate, with fresh horizons and a gunny sack full of hopes, goals and dreams.  With all the best of intentions there will sadly be stumbles, punts, fumbles and defeats if the Lord lets us live to see the next new year on the distant part of the calendar.  So, maybe we should consider adjusting our approach For The Year.  Let’s talk about that…

The Holy Ghost led me toward a latter Psalm this morning which I have claimed as my chapter For The Year.  Chapter 144 is as well rounded a passage of scripture for anyone who has a hearts desire tuned toward a life of service unto the cause of Christ.  My intention For The Year is laid out verse by verse along this wise.

Verse 1:  There is a Fight

  • There is a Worthy Battle (I Timothy 1:18) 
  • It is a Spiritual conflict made up of Big Battles – hands to war (James 4:1, II Cor 10:3) and Close Combat – fingers to fight (Eph 6:12)
  • There are Worthless Battles to avoid (Prov 3:30, II Tim 2:25, Titus 3:9)

Verse 2: God is our Fortress

  • It is Good to be IN
  • Fortress:  The entirety of my life is encompassed within
  • High Tower:  My Point of View is elevated, Place of Worship to exalt, Planted Flag to erase any doubt who my King is
  • Deliverer: He gives warnings, strategy and rescue missions when needed

Verse 3:  God Knows Me

  • I am in His thoughts
  • My life counts to Him, I must make it count FOR Him

Verse 4 – 8, 10-11:  God has All Power

  • The terrestrial world
  • The human world
  • The spiritual world

Verse 9:  I will SING!

  • I will sing to Him when no one is listening
  • I will sing for my own soul’s solace
  • I will sing in the sanctuary
  • I will sing my way from the under circumstances

Verse 12:  Our family is our greatest ministry

  • We will pray for our future son-in-laws
  • We will prepare, prune, and polish our daughters as a palace of the Lord

Verse 13- 14:  I will Trust God for the filling of my storehouse

  • That my provision will reproduce unto abundance toward others
  • By a labor that is relentless, reliant on His strength, that redeems the time


Verse 15:  My expected end will be Joy because He is The Lord My God

Happy New Year!


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