Our hope and prayer is that God has or will show you unbelievable heavenly things today.  I want to share something with you that you simply may find unbelievable.  Let’s talk about that.

I do not have a specific Bible study for you today but I desire to try to convey the unbelievable services we had this weekend at the Wahoo Winter Teen Meeting.  According to counts that were taken, on Friday night and Saturday morning there were somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 to 1,200 teenagers, pastors, youth pastors, church workers and families that gathered, seeking what God might do, might say, who God might save.  You might not believe it so we took a picture.  That crowd of decently, modestly dressed teenagers was holding up King James Bibles after singing songs from the Church Hymnal that they knew by heart.  Brother Ricky Gravely was mounting the pulpit to deliver the message of the weekend from Daniel 1, “What the Prince of this World Wants.”  


“The Prince of this World wants New Ground that doesn’t belong to him, Nice Gold that belongs to God, the Next Generation of the best and brightest.  He want them in Babylon.  He wants to bribe them, and brainwash them.”  Ricky Gravely

My top three quotable quotes from brother Ricky; “I don’t care how saved you are, you are not devil proof”  “As much as God has His hand on you, the devil has his eye on you” “Your circumstances may cause you to live in Babylon, but Babylon does not have to live in you for one single day.”

You would not believe how powerful that message was unless you were there.  You would not believe the waves of teens that flooded the altar during all parts of the services.  You would not believe the worship that filled that tabernacle.  You wouldn’t believe that the crowd was transfixed in listening to old time, Bible preachers.  You would not believe the choir singing great gospel songs from memory…

I have to stop for now, but I want you to know that no matter how hard the enemy is trying to derail churches into thinking they have to get as far away from old time religion, old time worship, modesty, standards, the King James Bible, old time preaching… it still works.  You still might not believe it, but I do.

God Bless You!!





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