Our hope and prayer  is that you have settled in your mind that you are going to go for Jesus, whatever and wherever that means.  Let’s talk about that as we look in Ezra chapters 1 through 3…

Today we are talking about the Will Go’s and the Won’t Go’s found in these Hebrews who had the option to leave captivity and go back to Jerusalem 

How many of the Who: (ch 2:64-70) 42,360 + Servants (7,337) + Singing Men & Women (200). [49,699].  All had either lived through the captivity or were descendants of those that had been taken. They were a Remnant. That’s a piece that has been torn or cut away from the complete fabric.  WARNING! Shouting moment.  The most beautiful quilts are made of remnants that are sewn together!  

Chapter 3 verse 1 says that the entire remnant “as one man” journeyed back to Jerusalem. The first order of the remnant that made the journey to Jerusalem was to build an altar and worship Jehovah God.   They were unified in Will: they wanted to do what God wanted; in Word: the Law of Moses, the scriptures; in Worship: true worship is Encouraged by the indwelt Holy Ghost, Embarrasses the flesh, and is the Entire Life of the worshipper, not a fleeting moment of a Sunday service.

Then there are those who we will identify as the Remainders. With the complete freedom and opportunity to walk away from captivity and the foreign land they were forced to live in, the Remainders would not go. We do recognize that at least some helped to fund the Journey and the work but would not go.  Queen Esther and uncle Mordecai remained for such a time as the Lord required, but without a solitary mention of God by name.

According to a math teacher friend of mine, the possible number of those who might have stayed behind could have been as high as 350,000 people. It is not out of bounds to conclude they had grown comfortable in captivity. They were content in carnality. They had no reference of what their original religion standards or scriptures. They had married themselves, literally, to their morally void masters.

This is my burden for the church of America today. Worldliness has crept in and taken the church hostage without firing a shot. The fear is that the captives have grown comfortable with the carnality worldly representation and would have no interest in returning to the original God ordained design.

My hope is that a Remnant might be willing to make the journey back. It is my burden. The question is are you a Will go or Won’t go?

God bless you!


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