Our hope and prayer is as you have looked into His Word you have seen a true reflection of who you are in light of Jesus Christ.  We all have tendencies that are innate, ingrained and incredibly frustrating to ourselves an others.  I was thinking about a few types of people that you might recognize.  This is going to be a little different so, let’s talk about that…

I want to walk a few people in front of you  that we will call the “Er’s” and you tell me if you recognize them.  Ready?

1) The Float-ers:  They just wander along and live just to see what happens (Proverbs 29:18). They have No Plan for the Future, No perception of past failures, and No Prospects for Family Success.  

2)  The Figure-ers:  They have all sorts of opinions on how to solve everyone’s problems.  They have it all figured out… but they do nothing worth a flip about it.  Let you mind drift back to Job’s pack of opinionated friends who were full of reasons but were no part of any solutions.

3)  The Fix-ers:  (Genesis 16)  The original Fixer couple was Abram and Sarai.  Sarai tried to fix things up for God and ended up giving her husband to another woman, Hagar, who ended up having a son, Ishmael.  Yes sir, that fixed it all right.  We are still trying to untangle that mess.  Some things are better left in the Lord’s hands.  He made all creation.  He is probably better at fixing everything in existence.

Fix-ers offer cheap imitations for real things in order to have what is convenient for them.  They might substitute Presents for Presence, Money for Meaning, Substitution for Substance.  For instance, they allow school to be the sole education that children receive and church to be their only spiritual foundation.  They substitute money for true wealth and wisdom, and charm for character and caring.  Negative Ned and Nancy choose Pessimism over Positivity and substitute Ingenuity for Intercession.

4) The Faith-ers:  These are true Believ-ers.  They are first cousins to Encourag-ers.   Their prayer is “Lord, I know you can.”  There are several sets of Faith-ers.

-Worri-ers:  “Lord, I know you can but I don’t know how or when, and I REALLY NEED to know that.” (Mark 9:24)

-Will-ers:  These “Er’s” have the faith that prays “If you Will, Lord, you can.” (Mark 1:40)

-Walk-ers:  These folks put feet on their faith. They pray, they believe, they trust, and then they walk on knowing God has a plan that He is working for the good. (II Kings 4:18-23)

5) Finish-ers:  A rare member of the “Er’s”, the finish-ers are looking ahead to the finish line.  They live today, prepare for tomorrow, and pray intentionally with the finish line in their sights.  They live for the good and benefit of the next generation, not for their current satisfaction.  They prepare to face temptation before it walks by.  Finish-ers understand that there is a prize to win and a place of judgement where all will give an account.  (II Timothy 2:7-8)

Which “Er” are you?  Something fun and educational might be to ask some people around you which “Er” you ere… uh, are.

God Bless You,


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