Right about now 43 years ago…

On the the night of July 13th 1978 at Noah Baptist Church in Cherokee county Alabama the Lord saved my soul. Brother Frank Sharp preached from Isaiah 53 on the lost sheep. The Holy Spirit began to deal with my heart as he had been in days just before and showed me my sinful condition and told me I needed a savior. That seed fell on fertile ground. I found myself in the altar calling on the name of the Lord to save my soul. And he did. Hallelujah Glory to God? Thank you Lord for saving someone like me who you knew would sin and make mistakes and yet you extended mercy and grace unto me a sinner and saved me by your grace. Thank you Lord for all you’ve done and I trust you for all you’ll do in Jesus sweet name, Hallelujah glory, Amen.

Riches From The Pages: Nothing Better Than Jesus Part 3


Riches From The Pages

This is part 3 of 3 from the message, Nothing Better Than Jesus preached at Smyrna Baptist Church, Starke, FL in 2021. Make a note in your weekly calendar to hear these messages live every Monday at 11am ET on wecoradio.com. If you do miss the live broadcast you can always find these messages archived on our RFP podcast page on Anchor.fm.