Angel Update 7/26pm

When going through a situation like a surgery quite possibly one of the hardest things is the waiting. We’ve been waiting for several days now for a surgery that would remove a 4 cm tumor from the right lobe of Angels brain. I have heard it said in these last several days that one of the common phrases around hospitals is “it will start when we begin and it will take as long as it takes.” That phrase is very true. They told us that the surgery would start around 2:15. Someone came to pick her up for pre-op about 1:45 p.m. We thought that we were right on track. The pre-op experience lasted about 2 hours. We were able to talk with Dr Winograd and hear his plan. He was actually able to show us the MRI images which was astounding. Something akin to a lemon was in the right upper lobe of Angel’s brain. The doctor seemed very confident that this would be no problem to retract. I’m glad he thought so. As he explained everything and asked if we had any further questions we said no. I did at that time tell him that although we do not know what he believes or doesn’t believe, there were literally thousands of people all over the world who are calling his name in prayer on behalf of Angel. He seemed unimpressed and expressed that whatever anybody believes is fine with him. ” I’m Jewish, so.” I did not say it out loud but I thought to myself, ” I’ve been talking to another Jewish doctor whom we refer to as the great physician.” About 1 hour later the OR nurse called to say they were beginning the procedure. About 2 hours later Dr Winograd came into the OR waiting room and said “we are done.” He was able to get all of the tumor and said he believes it is a best case scenario. Further pathology and consultation will determine further treatment but he believed that it should be minimal. This is nothing short of the grace of God from the throne of God motivated by the prayers of his people. We praise His good name. I was able to go in and see Angel for a few minutes in the recovery area. She was talking answering questions and asking the same questions over and over. She did say that her head was hurting to which the nurse said, ” baby you had brain surgery and that’s going to hurt your head.” There will be scans tonight and at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. You know what we say around here, don’t stop praying. Good night.