The Bottom of the Barrel

Our hope and prayer is that the Lord is amazing you with how He provides.  Let’s talk about that…

We were blessed to be able to attend the Middle Tennessee Baptist Church Teen Camp Meeting from Thursday night through Saturday morning this week and then we travelled to Pontotoc, MS to sing with the Old Time Preachers Quartet.  What great preaching and singing we heard and wonderful fellowship we enjoyed.  So many memorable messages were preached but I want to share the theme of the one that sticks out in my mind.  Brother Rudy Smith from Mt. Sinai Baptist in Pickens, SC ( preached out of I Kings 18:8-12 on the subject, When you get to the bottom of your barrel, you come to the top of His!  My soul what a thought.

Brother Rudy retraced the steps of the children of Israel through scripture who had done all they could do in their own strength and had reached the bottom of the barrel but then God allowed them to reach down and scoop out a handful from His (Ex 14, 15, 16, II Kings 4, 19, Luke 5, John 6, Acts 16, II Cor 12).  Oh, how many times I have tried to work things out and plan and plot out a path only to come up short with my ability, my tenacity, my ingenuity, and my influence.  But God said, “Just reach down one more time and see what I can do,” and my hand was filled with provision.  Hallelujah!

My friend, I have scraped my hand around the bottom of the barrel plenty of times in my life; the bottom emotionally, financially, spiritually, and in company.  As brother Rudy preached the paint off the walls my mind went back to all those times that I could not go on and The God of Heaven would pull up the boards from the bottom of my barrel and reveal that it was sitting on top of His full barrel.  He proved it to me many times this week.

If you are scrounging around for provision, encouragement, the joy of your salvation, fellowship, or funds, God can provide if we will seek Him and follow His commands.  His barrel will waste not, and His oil will not fail (I Kings 18:16).

God Bless You, and may Long Live Old Time Religion