Give Place

This is the day the Lord has made.  Let’s make up our mind to give Him the proper place of preeminence in our lives.  Let’s talk about the Place that we give to the Lord in our lives…

In Matthew 9 Jesus was called to the home of a certain ruler who explained that his daughter was dead.  But, the man believed that if Jesus would lay His hand upon her she would live again.  In verse 18 this man Made a Place of Worship.  He invited Jesus to his place (I Sam 7:3).  All through scripture Jesus was moved by great faith.  When He heard this ruler’s request Jesus immediately arose and in verse 19 Jesus Came to the Rulers (Jarius) Place.

The funeral music was already in full swing when they arrived with very vocal grief, music, emotion and activity, but, the parents of the girl were silent.  Jesus declared that they were too quick to judge the situation (I Thes 4:13).  In verse 23 Jesus demanded they Make a Quiet Place (Is 32:17).  As the shallow, negative, hopeless crowds laughed Jesus Gave Place for Hope (Ps 71:14).

In verse 25 Jesus Gave Place for a Miracle.  What was dead is now alive.  What an encouragement of faith that can give us.  What is lost can be found.  What is hurt can be healed.  What is broken can be fixed,  What is ignorant can be educated.  What is sin-stained can be cleansed.  What is indebted can be paid… IF we will Give Place for the presence of Jesus, for the touch of Jesus in our lives, and as we read in the Luke 8:54 account the word of the Lord.   Let us Give Place for the Lord today.

God Bless You All,