Happy Resurrection Morning!  Our hope and prayer is that you are surrounded with family and friends, in awe of the power of the resurrection of Christ.  By the way, He is the only perfect, only praise-worthy, only coming again, only Risen Son of God.  Let’s talk about another son…

In the gospel of Luke chapter 15 we find the stories of three lost items that were found; the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost son.  We know him as the Prodigal Son who demanded his inheritance and left his loving father to go his own way.  It did not take long for the money to run out, the friends to walk out, and all the grand plans to peter out.  So, he went home to a forgiving father.

Did you know there was another father and son with some similar circumstances but very different outcomes.  This is the tale of two sons.

2 Sons; The Prodigal & the Propitiation

One son left home mad at dad.  The other Son left home with Father’s blessing.  One son told his dad, “I wish you were dead.”  The other Son  told his father, “I will go to die.”  One son went to sow wild oats.  The other Son came to sow seeds of the Gospel.  One son left to do his own thing. The other Son  came to do will of the Father.  One son went to live a riotous life, The other Son  came to live a holy, sinless, perfect life. One son went on to spend all his riches. The other Son  left all his riches in heaven.  One son wanted to be a big man. The other Son  humbled himself as a servant.  One son had lots of good time friends that left him. The other Son  had 12 disciples; among them 1 devil and only 1 at His cross.  One son starved for a piece of bread, The other Son  was the bread of life.  One son realized how wrong he had been. The other Son was the personification of complete righteousness.  One son went ended up in the pits of the world. The other Son  descended to the pits of Hell to get the keys to death, hell, and the grave.  One son went home with scars, The other Son  went home with scars.  One son went back home with nothing. The other Son  went back home with the blood.  One son became most famous prodigal. The other Son  came to redeem all prodigals.   One son had a father waiting at home for his son to return. The other Son  had the Father waiting in heaven for His son to return.  One son heard his father say all is forgiven.  The other Son told his Father all of humanity is forgiven.  Both sons were glad to be home.  Both Father’s were glad their sons were home.

Prodigals may not always be in a far country but it could be that their “heart is far from me[God]…” (Mt 15:8).  There is still a Father waiting for them to come walking down the road toward home where all is forgiven and a new beginning awaits.

Praise the SON OF GOD this Sunday morning for His resurrection power!


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