Our hope and prayer is that you have experienced the peace that passes all understanding, Mercy that endureth forever, and grace that abounds.  Do we ever think about how much God has or how much He is or how powerful He is?  Let’s talk about that…

This past week I read a couple of quotes at a co-workers desk.  One attributed to world famous mathematician, William Demming that read, “If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it.”  The other was from acclaimed scientist Lord Kelvin which said, “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.”  As I read those words I laughed and came just nigh of shouting right at that lady’s desk.  She looked at me curiously as I began scribbling down those words.  As I looked at the black and white pictures of those abundantly educated men, I thought to myself how without realizing it they had described God in a scientific way.  He Cannot Be Measured or Improved!

We cannot measure His power, for He holds all things that are together (Col 1:17).  We cannot measure His wisdom for He knows all things (Isaiah 55:8).  We cannot measure the abundance of His blessings.  We cannot measure His ways or His will until many times it has been already passed.  If I may flip the quote, We cannot manage what cannot be measured.  He is too great to be advised or instructed.  He is too knowledgeable to be told what to do.  His love is too expansive to be measured (Eph 3:17-19).  His Spirit is too consuming to be kept in a box.  Your church bulletin has no means of managing what God may want to do. We do not, we cannot manage God.  Let us stop trying to manage Him, His will, His Spirit, His presence.

Lord Kelvin, we cannot improve what cannot be measured.  We cannot Improve Him because we cannot reach the end of His measurement.  When that widow poured oil out of the cruse it did not run out.  When she reached into the bottom of her barrel of meal she was dipping into the top of His barrel (I Kings 14).  We cannot improve His mercy (Ps 136).  We cannot improve His grace (Rom 5:20).  I think of the Perrys song from a few years ago that said You cannot improve upon the Truth (Ps117:2, Jn 1:14, 14:6).  No matter what publishers attempt to do to gain profit, His Word, His original word, cannot be improved (II Tim 2:15).  The Word of God is the only thing we hold on this earth that requires no New and Improved sticker.  It is pure (Ps 119:140) from the beginning to the end.  We cannot improve or exhaust the endless truth that lies within.  We cannot improve so great salvation (Heb 2:3).  God has nothing to improve in Himself, except we that believe in Him (Jn 14:20).

He is Measureless!  He is without of Improvement!  We can depend on Him!  Let us not be guilty of trying to manage His will, or His ways.  Let us not attempt to improve His message or His methods!  The Gospel still works because it is perfect with no need of improvement.

God Bless You!


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