Good Sunday morning friends.  It’s early.  It was a late night.  But we have something to do and somewhere to go today.  We have something to tell today.  Somebody’s Coming.   Let’s talk about that…

We just concluded the 60th anniversary of the National Quartet Convention in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  There was much anticipation, advertising and preparation.  It came, it happened and now it is past.  For centuries, millenniums, there was an anticipation, announcements about someone who was on the way. Isaiah said He would come from a virgins womb, and He did (7:14, 11:1, 62:11).  Jeremiah said which family tree He would come from, and He did (23:5).  Micah said which town He would be born in, and He was (5:2).  They all said, Somebody’s Coming!!!  And HE did.

One night on a hillside the Angels told some shepherds, He’s Here, and He was (Lu 2:11).  When he came into the synagogue on his eighth day Simeon said, He’s Here, and he was (Lu2:30).  John the Baptist looked up a dusty road and said, Behold, He’s Here, and He was (Jn 1:36).  At the end of His earthly ministry Jesus rode into Jerusalem on that asses colt and the multitudes waved palm branches and shouted, He’s Here!!  and He was.  Then He was crucified, buried in Joseph’s tomb.  He was gone.

But, He came back!  The resurrected Christ rose again and on a hill outside Jerusalem He ascended to the Heaven’s.  The angels said to His disciples, He’s Coming Back (Acts 1:9-11), and He will.  Paul told the church at Thessalonica, He’s Coming Back, and He Will (4:16-17).  Just as sure as it was prophesied that He was coming, He came.  Just as sure as the Angels announced His birth, He was here.  And, just as sure as Jesus said He was coming back, He Will.  NQC is over but Jesus is still coming.  We’ve got somewhere to go, something to tell, someone to bring with us.  Somebody’s Coming!!

God Bless You,




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