What a tremendous time to be alive.  I think about all the pivotal times in the history of this green and blue globe and I see no better time to exist.  There was a time when prophesies were unfulfilled, the future promises of God were much further away, and the coming of the Lord seemed a distant appointment.  But not in this day.  I am fully Persuaded that the coming of the Lord could be before I finish typing this blo

                                                                    Ha! Just kidding.  Let’s talk about that for a while…

There is nothing more pitiful than someone who is trying to convince you of something they do not believe themselves.  Pity the singer whose song is all about someone else’s life.  How empty are the words of the armchair quarterback, the Monday morning commentators who never felt the crushing blow of a linebacker. If we have not been through anything we can be little comfort or critical care for someone who is going through it.  Try this; a congress that tells a citizenry how valuable a healthcare system is when they will not use it themselves.  You get the idea.  One cannot effectively persuade another if they are not persuaded themselves.

In the midst of his Hall of Fame induction passage in Hebrews chapter 11, Abraham’s vision of promises not yet revealed is expounded in verse 13.  “…having seen them afar off, and was [sic] persuaded of them, and embraced them, and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth.”   Abraham was persuaded by a promised son (Gen 21).  He was persuaded of a promised seed (Heb 11:11-12).  He was persuaded of a promised city (John 14:2-3).  He was persuaded by a promised country Here (Gen 12:1) and in Heaven (Lu 16:22). How else could Abraham be obedient unto the command to take his son, Isaac, up a mountain and lay him on the altar of sacrifice?  Because He who had begun a good work would be faithful to complete it.  He was Persuaded.

Abraham was not only persuaded by the promises of God, he embraced them.  He put his faith in them because the one who promised proved Himself faithful.  Not only that, Abraham confessed them.  He put the promises into practice as truth because the one who promised proved Himself true.

Our challenge of conviction:

  • Do we worry because we are persuaded of God’s promises?
  • Do we fail to witness because we are persuaded of God’s promises?
  • Do we pray like we are persuaded of God’s promises? 
  • Do we plan our life as if we are persuaded of God’s promises?
  • Do we sing like we are persuaded of God’s promises?
  • Do we preach like we are persuaded of God’s promises?

If I am persuaded His coming to rapture the church could be any moment (I Thes 4), I better start acting like it, praying like it, working like it, witnessing like it, looking for it.

We love you



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