Our hope and prayer is that you have met God this week with great expectation of what He will do in, through and for your life.  Isn’t it curious, though, when God actually comes through with what we ask?  Did we really think He would…could answer a prayer so serious, so difficult, so impossible?  Can we really put that kind of expectation on God?  Let’s talk about that..

Psalm 62:5 says “My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from Him.”  We can set down a sure expectation on God to be true to His Word (Ps 119:160), to forgive those who repent (I Jn 1:9), and to save those who believe and call upon on His name (Rom 10:13).  We can expect God to shelter those who trust in Him (Ps 62:8), and to reward those who labor, give and believe (Ps 62:12, I Cor 3:8, Heb 11:6, Lu 6:38).  In soberness of spirit, we must also expect the just God of heaven to punish those who reject Him (Rev 21:8).  There are certain expectations we can place on God with confidence.

There are also expectations that we place on man.  We expect kids to behave like grown ups.  There are unrealistic expectations like Lost people acting like Saved people (Ps 62:3-4).  Unfounded expectations that our prideful flesh convinces us of (I Cor 10:12).  I remember when I was faced with the truth that God will not hear my prayer if I regard iniquity in my heart (Ps 66:18).  We have unrealistic expectations that God will bless us, use us, or condone us if we operate in any way that is contrary to His word.  GET THIS.  The Will of God will NEVER contradict the Word of God.  If someone says, I think it is OK for me to get a tattoo of scripture or a cross or blah blah blah then you can expect that person has no regard whatsoever to the truth of scripture (Leviticus 19:28).

There are some expectations that are reasonable.  We should expect God to be true.  We should expect God to lead us according to His Will, His Word, and His Spirit.  We should certainly have a realistic expectation for Saved folks to act like Saved folks and not the world.  How can born again believers be a set apart people whom lost people see a difference in, if they can see no difference in Saved people???  God expects us to obey, serve and trust Him.  He expects us to be conformed to His image and transformed by His Word.  Those are Great Expectations which lead us to an Expected end (Jer 29:11).

God Bless You,




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