Thank you for taking the time to check in on Angel. We are going to begin using this blog format for those who do not have social media accounts and also create a journal of this experience that others may be able to draw strength and direction as they may travel these same roads.

Today started at 5am with a wake-up call to get ready for an MRI. The tech came to pick her up at 6am. Throughout the morning all the various medical teams made their rounds; Neurology (seizure activity), Cardiology (new Heart Echo), Mobilty nurse (walk the hall), Nurse Manager (how we doin’), Hospital Dr (overall care), Neurosurgical Team (MRI, Surgery plan), Nursing staff and Techs (all day care).

Prayer Plan: Rest and Preparation over next 2 days, Surgical staff (Dr Winegrad, Justin, Catherine), Dr McCollough (Hospital Dr), Dr Bashir (Neurology), Dr Voltz (Cardiology), Dr Tanna (Oncology), Tumor disappear – decrease – defunct, No Seizure activity

Strengthening Points: Times like these are why it is important to be right with God, so we can pray without hinderance of iniquity in our heart. A constantly updated prayer list is important. It is important to be a friend and show ourselves friendly. Family and family relationships are crucial. Church Family is Family that we need. Young people approaching the thought of marriage need to study the difference between Love (Eph 5) and attraction, infatuation, and lust. Nobody says I do thinking, “I will stand by you through disease and failing health, I will bathe you, I will comb your hair when your hand doesn’t work, I will keep my vows when they are called to account, I will make hard decisions, I will walk by your side when you don’t have the balance to walk on your own, I will wipe away your tears and your slobber. I will do whatever it takes no matter how long it takes. I will love you more than I love myself, I will pray with you and for you.” I do is our version of God’s I AM.

9 thoughts on “Angel Update 7/23/21 pm

  1. ….and we join in prayer for you again asking that God will make Himself known in a powerful way. We love you and are taking you before the throne.


  2. Continued prayers for Angel, her family, and doctors and nurses forming her surgery and taking care of her


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