Today was a good day. For Angel today stretched from last night at 8pm in recovery. I was not able to stay with her and she did not sleep much at all worrying about the morning MRI.  That came around 8am. That’s 3 dreaded MRI in 1 week. Gal deserves a gold medal instead of some of those twerps in Japan. Speech, physical, and occupational therapy all came in and began the work of awakening her left hand and arm motor skills. We received some instructions and made some plans for going home.  Dr Winograd came in and gave his post-op thoughts. He is confident that the procedure was a success. The MRI shows that the brain is collapsing back into its normal space. That will help the return of her slowed motor skills. He took off her lovely gauze wrap to reveal the cross cranial incision now held with the latest in high fashion staples. He talked of follow up with a radiation oncologist who would perform a 1 day 1 time gamma knife radiation treatment. Any other ongoing treatment will go to Dr Tanna. His words, “I’m just the mechanic.” The hardest thing has shifted from waiting to staying still and resting. Angel wants to pop up and get back to her active routine. But poor baby cannot hold her eyes open. Outside of a slight Game Show Network addiction, she is in motion and independent. Good news is that things are moving in the right direction.

PRAYER: Improvement in motor skills. She won’t unconsciously scratch her head or pull at her IV. Upcoming appointments. Pathology report is best case. Tireless Medical staff. Adjustments to home care / recovery. That this test and trial will not be in vain but that God will receive His due Glory and all who observe will learn what He is trying to teach. Which leads to…

STRENGTHENING: Don’t waste the pain. The most revered of our heroes of the Faith have only become so by trudging through the pit of pain. How much Power have we forfeited in trials by clenching our selves so tightly that we refuse the gracious hand that the Lord offers to lead us through the pit of pain to the higher plane of Power. We want to know the power of His resurrection (Phil 3) but it is in His sufferings where we find His fellowship. Let us not waste the pain on our own selfishness.

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