It is driven into our American DNA to push and pursue gain of all sorts.  To lose is unacceptable.  Let’s talk about that…

Cut to the chase…  When Christ calls us unto Himself, that invitation requires that we understand that there are some things that we must cease from in order to serve Him with a clean heart.  Sinful things, fleshly or carnal things we can understand repenting of, but ceasing from successful pursuits are uncommon to our thinking.  In Matthew 10:38-39 Jesus tells us that if we relinquish our ‘rights’ to follow His pathway we will find that the rewards in the end will be far greater and eternal rather than temporary.  Again in chapter 16 verses 24-27 Jesus reiterates this point.

My question today is, what are we afraid to lose?  I do believe that what we fear to lose has an impact on our degree of dedication to the Lord.  What prevents us from living this life fully saturated in the purpose of the Lord.  Chapter 10 points to our pursuit of profit.  What will it cost us?  Family relationships, friendships, finances, or popularity, profit, or pursuit of a dream?

I would encourage you to find the story of William Borden (no relation), who was heir to the Borden milk empire.  He was a millionaire who walked away from taking over the family business to follow the calling of God to be a missionary to the Muslim Kansu people of China.  Over the course of his journey to go to the missionary fields he faced the ridicule of friends which led him to write these words in his Bible, “No Reserves”.  In William’s journal he wrote, “Say ‘no’ to self and ‘yes’ to Jesus every time.”  At graduation time he turned down numerous lucrative job offers, all of which he turned down, writing in his Bible, “No Retreats”.  After graduating from Yale and Princeton, William headed to Egypt to study Arabic, but in the process of that journey he contracted spinal meningitis and died at the age of 25 before ever reaching his mission field.  When his personal items reached home they found two more words written in his Bible, “No Regrets”.

Some would say, what a waste.  But I say, what eternal gain.  After all, we are all recounting just a part of his powerful testimony today.  If he had just taken over the family business and piled up more money we would have never heard of William Borden but because he lost his life for the cause of Christ, we have gained an inspiring testimony that mirrors the heart of Christ.

What, or who, are you afraid to lose?  What might you miss out on gaining in eternity to hold onto for a little while down here (Mt 6:24-33).

God Bless You!


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