Our hope and prayer is that today that you have enjoyed the Lord this week and have allowed Him to fill you up with everything that He desires you to have.  Let’s talk about that…

The Psalmist in chapter 81 relates a bit of historical perspective on the children of Israel and their deliverance from the bondage of their Egyptian taskmasters.  Tucked away in verse 10 is an absolutely incredible statement from God Almighty.  They had been empty of hope for hundreds of years.  Dreams were futile because all they had prospects of doing were making bricks and feeling the despair of slavery.  BUT GOD brought them out by His powerful hand and the demonstration of His might.  So, in verse 10 He says, “I am the Lord thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt: open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it.”  How does that statement align with our view of the Father?

Now, let us put that statement in perspective with our Americanized version of Christianity.  He is NOT telling us to pray for selfish stuff.  In the whole context of scripture, a person who is seeking God, serving God, seeing (recognizing and acknowledging) God move and work, and searching the scripture for daily instruction is a person who gets from God what God knows what that person needs and they recognize it as such.  When we want what God wants we appreciate what He gives.

It is like the person who finally makes the decision to become healthy in their physical being.  Wow, I cannot believe how bad I felt when I ate all that junk and laid around sedentary.  Now I love foods I would have never eaten (i.e. humus) and I am filled and satisfied.  I have more energy than ever and I sleep so much better, etc.  God tells us, if you allow me to guide your appetite I will fill you.  If you love what I love and hate what I hate I will fill you.  If you will believe what I have said I will fill you.  If you will trust my guidance when you do not understand I will fill your way.  If you will take the medicine I give to heal you inside out I will fill you with spiritual health.  If you will empty yourself of self I will fill you.  If you ask for what my Spirit urges you to ask for I will fill you.  OPEN WIDE!  Sounds perfect, unless we tighten our lips and turn our head…  OR, if we only open our mouths wide enough for God to give us a baby dropper of provision or blessing.

Let us not have a baby guppy mouth when it comes to what God wants us to have.  Lets have a lunker bass open mouth.  It is about asking in His will, expecting He will, and appreciating when He fills.  Open Wide.

God Bless You!



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