Our hope and prayer is that your purposeful witness had impacted those who are watching every move you make.  We often overlook the fact that every person we encounter makes an observation about us.  Whether it be a momentary walk by in a store or a co-worker we labor with every day.  Let’s talk about that…

Nehemiah chapter 2 takes us into the life of the king’s cupbearer.  He has received word from his home country that the escaped remnant is persecuted, the walls are torn down and the gates of Jerusalem have been burned.  In verse 1 through 8, the state of his brethren and homeland was tearing away at his very soul.  When Nehemiah approached the king with his cup Artaxerxes took note and commented that his captive servant was sad.   Nehemiah had never come into his presence with sadness on his face.  That shows that the cupbearer was a genuine person.  He did not force the brave face but bore the grief of his heart on his countenance.  When Artaxerxes questioned his faithful servant Nehemiah replied with an honest answer.  Honesty goes a long way with people.

The king had no reason to be sad over Nehemiah’s situation.  Jerusalem was his real estate holding not his home.  That king initiated a question of what he might be able to do to help.  It is of note that your King James Bible mentions that the king’s wife is seated beside him.  Ladies are generally more compassionate than men.  It may be that her hand slipped over to his and with a look and smile the king knew exactly what his queen was thinking.   It would appear that Nehemiah’s faithfulness had earned him favor in the king’s courts.  When the offer came from the king, the cupbearer bowed for a moment on inner prayer and without reservation he asked for a full ride back to Jerusalem with every letter of safe passage and supply for the work ahead “.  Done!  In verse 8 Nehemiah would credit all this favor, not to Artaxerxes or his wife, but it was all bestowed “according to the good hand of my God upon me”.

The point; Be A Good Employee.  Your boss might be lost.  The workplace is a tricky place today when you want to be a witness.  HR issues can arise for any circumstance, especially a harassment situation even if it is religious.  We must be gentle as lambs and wise as serpents.  So what do we do?  Be A Good Employee.  I have never called any lost person down at work for foul language but if they spend any time around me they seem to keep those words to themselves more often.  In fact other coworkers will give a little shush it up encouragement.  A fella I am trying to win right now has started calling me Rev and gets on to other employees when they start to spout off at the mouth around me.

Your employee ought to look at you and his other saved employees and hope that that the company can find more church going, Bible believing Christians as workers because they are faithful.  I really do not have a situation in mind but I am just minding the Lord.  I hope this helps.



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