Our hope and prayer is that the Lord has steered you toward His path and away from pitfalls, traps and ultimate destruction.  With a heavy heart I must say, let’s talk about that…

Gates are designed to do one of two things; keep things out or keep things in.  A chicken coop, a pasture fence, a shark dive cage, or a corral all serve to keep valuable things which need protection on the inside and to keep bad things on the outside as much as possible.  A prison or a coon trap are designed to hold bad things ranging from the pesky to the prosecuted on the inside to protect those on the outside.  All of these examples have to have a way in or out.  A gate is essential for protection.

In Nehemiah chapter 3 we read about the new arrivals who join in a work with the current residents of Jerusalem in repairing and rebuilding all the walls and gates that surround what we know as the old city of Jerusalem.  There were actually three aspects of the boundary of protection around God’s holy city; walls, towers and gates.  In our reading we find that the building was taken on by teams from one gate to the next, to the next tower, to the next gate.  Various verses give us details about our focus of this study, the gates.  The walls and gates were built with beams, set up, and then locks and retaining bars were installed.  Notice in verse 1 in chapter three that Eliashib the high priest built the sheep gate and sanctified it and set it between two towers.

It is worth noting that everyone was involved in the work of building these protections.  The high priests, various families, merchants, doctors, Nethinims, Levites, local rulers, brethren and daughters (v12), all got into the work.  I should say, all except the nobles of the Tekoites (v5) who put not their necks to the work of their Lord.  They would be what us country boys would call a BLISTER, they’d show up after all the work was done!  Whenever the Bible mentions someone with a stiff neck it refers to pride and rebellion. The so-called nobles of Tekoa were prideful and not interested in walls, towers or gates.  What’s your point preacher?”  I am so glad you asked.  If you are too proud and stiff-necked to put up barriers in your life do not be surprised when destruction come.

Your gates are your eyes, your ears, your mouth and your nose.  Nose? Oh yes, watch out for too much of that sweet smelling perfume or cologne. Your walls are your clothes, lips and eyelids.  Your bars are teeth and as a last resort fingers.  Picture three little monkeys with hands over their eyes, ears and mouth.  Listen to what this preacher says!!  Kill your pride, bury it, pour concrete over the top of the hole and throw away your shovel.  For the sake of your Teams; you and the Holy Ghost, you and your family, you and your church, build some barriers to keep what is sacred, sanctified and so valuable inside and the tricks and traps of Satan outside.

I pray I don’t hear of another dear one who left the gates open and fell to the flouncing floozy that the devil floated in front of a family man.  As well, the silver tongued, suave, serpent in superman’s clothing who swoops in to steal someone’s wife and mother.  God Help US!

God Bless You and your Barriers!

BroAdamB evangelistadamborden.com

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