Pour Water

Our hope and prayer is that the Lord has poured out blessings on you today.  We know that all of those manifold blessings are not intended for us just to hold onto, but we ought to do something for others.  Let’s talk about that…

In II Kings 3 verse 11, King Jehosaphat was looking for someone who could help him find out the word and will of the Lord for a problem he faced.  The word in verse 11 is that Elisha had poured water on the hands of Elisha.  Interesting that Elisha was not known to the Kings advisors for what he himself had done but for what he had done for a man of God.  It was not Elisha which had defeated the prophets of Baal and the prophets of the grove in a battle of Gods.  It was not Elisha who had prophesied 3 years of no rain.  It was Elijah who had been taken up in a God’s chariot up to heaven.  Elisha was only known, and called to the Kings court for one reason.  He poured water on the hands of the Man of God.

That custom meant that Elisha showed honor to Elijah by this act of cleansing the prophets hands.  It also pointed to the belief that now that Elijah was known to be off the scene, that Elisha might just be next in line for this time.  In fact, we know that Elisha asked for a double portion which he received over the time of his ministry.  It is doubtful, however, that Elisha would have been granted that request if he had been a pretentious petulant protege’.  Humility resulted in promotion (I Peter 5:6)

Lesson:  God blesses those who bless God’s man.  Find a way to bless your Pastor, an Evangelist, a Missionary, a Preacher.  Know that an humble act of kindness or service has the attention of the Almighty

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