Our hope and prayer for you this week is that you have hidden yourself in Christ and not from Him.  There is a distinct difference.  Let’s talk about that…

In I Samuel 9 & 10 we read where the high priest, Samuel, is directed by God to anoint the first King of Israel.  He is brought providentially to a young man who is looking for some runaway mules that belong to his father, Kish.  Samuel spots young Saul and the Lord says That’s him.  It appears that God had a plan, a purpose and priority for the life of Saul that Saul unaware of, unsure about and ultimately unwanted by Saul.

In chapter 10 when it is time to reveal who God had chosen in the presence of all of Israel that the name Saul, son of Kish, was called.  But Saul could not be found (v21-22).  The word says he hath hid himself among the stuff.  When they ran and fetched him out from hiding from them, hiding from the call of God, Saul stood head and shoulders above anyone in Israel.  But, it was not his looks or stature that made Him the choice.  It was the anointed appointment of God that made Saul the man for the job.

I would submit to you that many in the church house this Sunday morning are doing the same thing that Saul was doing, hiding in the stuff of church when the Lord has a purpose for them to fulfill.  Folks find themselves a low-profile, passive, pew position to hide in and just hope that the Lord will let that be enough. People hide themselves in the stuff of the activities of church. They might sing in the choir, work at VBS, attend every service and come to revival and hope that they can hide in that stuff from the purpose that God is calling them to.  It happens everywhere.

The late great college basketball coach, John Wooden, said, “We will never substitute activity for success.”  We might be doing things around the church house but being active may not be accomplishing the successful purpose that God has tapped us for.  I know it can happen, because it happened to me.  I recounted just this week how that God called me to preach in December of 1994 but I hid in the stuff of gospel music until I surrendered to the call in November 2008.  For fourteen years I hid myself by doing something good but I was hiding from a calling that would not leave me alone.  I just stayed busy and never gave the voice inside me an ear thinking I could ignore it away.  If I just went on hiding in plain view everything would be ok.  Not so.  God kept calling my name and the Holy Ghost kept pointing me out as I hid in the stuff.

You cannot hide from God.  Let the Lord fetch you out and put you where He wants you to be.  You will be relieved when you do.  Hide In Him and not From Him.

God Bless you,