Using God’s Name In Vain

Well, how about that blog title.  That is an eye opening Good Morning to our Gospel music friends.  Our hope and prayer is that the Lord has been honored by your use of His name in all you do.  Let’s talk about that…

Undoubtedly, the most disgusting use of language, especially to a born again child of God, is someone who says the word ‘God’ or ‘Jesus’ or ‘Christ’ in any combination of profanity, slang or off handed use.  But, have we ever considered the fact that placing the identification of anything we do under the banner of God, Jesus or Christ puts the value and standard of that name directly upon what we are doing In His Name.  For example, the fraudulent obligatory televangelist who begs their followers to plant a seed that ends up being a new house in LA or a shiny Benz, all in the name of Christ.  Or the person who says “I am a Christian who is gay and that’s okay because God loves me just the way I am.”  How would you like it if your name was used that way?

The third commandment in Exodus 20 verse 7 says “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

Why are we talking about this?  Because there is a caution that we MUST MUST MUST pay close attention to when we put The Lord our God’s name on anything.  Many today who call themselves “Christians” are openly living the sins of Romans 1:18-32.  [Stop and read those verses now]  I want to make a stand right here that some of you may not be willing to take.  And, it is going to make some of you uncomfortable at the least and flaming mad in the literal and utmost extreme.

I am only going to use biblical terminology and not societal language to clarify what we are talking about.  Anyone who makes their living or proclaims to operate under a calling from the Almighty God of Heaven or attaches ‘Christian’ or Gospel to their identity, and yet lives in the immoral sins of adultery, fornication, sodomy, lesbianism, or alcohol consumption, is taking God’s name in VAIN!  Moreover, anyone who aligns with, supports, or ignores such sin in light of personal gain or business interest [i.e. Lot in Sodom] is complicit and accountable unto the Almighty.  Ephesians 5 verses 1 through 17 spells out what our position as Children of the King of Glory is to be.  Paul writes that we are to “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.”  After condemning the sin of whoremongering, fornication, and filthiness, verse 6 and 7 says, “Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience. Be not ye therefore partakers with them.  

If we are willing to align in agreement, a business venture, or especially ‘ministry’ with someone who is a sodomite or lesbian, an adulterer or fornicator, a drug or alcohol abuser, then we are operating in complete rebellion to the written Word of God which is Jesus Christ embodied in the pages (John 1:1, 14).

With that said, no one is beyond the grace and mercy of God, for without it we would all be without hope.  God gives us the avenues of repentance, reproving, and restoration through the scripture so we can rejoice in the knowledge that no sin, whether outward or inward is beyond the blood that Jesus shed.

WARNING!!  Our sinful society is very soon going to impose its’ will upon Southern Gospel music.  Mark my words.  The guilted societal forced acceptance of sodomy and lesbianism is soon going to foist itself upon the fandom and industry of this music that we love.  I fear that the tentacles of this ‘lifestyle sin’ has already worked it’s way to the core of every part of what brings our beloved gospel music to your radio, mp3 player, screen or stage.  Make no mistake, industry leaders, promoters, record companies, radio stations, internet entities, groups and fans of gospel music will be forced to make a choice to either accept or reject the open air display of a vulgar immoral anti-biblical lifestyle as a visible part of this music we love.  It will be accompanied by a thoroughly  embarrassing exposure to a national news media which now would doubt the existence of such a musical genre as Southern Gospel.  But, CNN and MSN would love nothing more than to bring another level of shame to the name of Jesus Christ by touting members of the Southern Gospel music community as members of the sodomite and lesbian community.

It would be wise to make your choice now based on the truth of scripture concerning these sins and your attachment with or detachment from them.  Will you knowingly hire, sing a song written by, employ a producer, or enter into business with someone who is using God’s name in vain?